More JAMA Junk Science

[Ed: The amazing bias in medical journalism, notably in JAMA,  has previously been described by Dr. Wheeler in “Another Failure of Peer Review at JAMA“. It’s just getting worse.] Mainstream medicine is at it again.  Amazingly enough it is not about gun control, although it sounds remarkably familiar.  The most recent article to grace the […]

DRGO at the 2017 GRPC: Do We Need Crisis?

[Ed: Back from Dallas, we’re posting our presentations this week. You can also watch us in living color at] Do we need crisis in this country to pull us together?  It seems that the citizens of this country pull together after a tragedy.  What has been happening over the past year is a travesty […]

A Call to Arms

In my talk at the Gun Rights Policy Conference in Florida last fall, I stated that “The medical establishment has taken up arms against our right to bear arms [and] . . . It takes other physicians to speak out against them”. At that time many of us were hoping for a President Trump but […]

We All Want Peace

It was a peaceful demonstration that day in Dallas, enacting a right recognized in the first amendment to the Constitution.  Then one hateful, violent person shattered that peace.  One person ignored the rights of those demonstrating, police officers, and everyone else involved, to carry out a heinous crime against society. The police officers who were […]

Where are the Millennials in RKBA activism?

We are told that the average gun owner is a 50 year old white male and that no women or minorities like guns.  Not true!  Many of those who are not typically thought of as gun enthusiasts are becoming more involved with guns and their right to keep and bear arms. The millennial generation though, […]

Should Hospital Staff Be Armed?

The controversy surrounding firearms being allowed in hospitals rages on.  Those who believe that guns shouldn’t be allowed in a hospital, or anywhere else for that matter, continue to point to incidents in which the use of a weapon is controversial. As Elizabeth Rosenthal points out in her recent article When the Hospital Fires the Bullet most hospitals are […]