External Resources

There are relevant areas of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms activism which DRGO cannot cover in as much detail as we would like. Fortunately, other venues present valuable resources. This page indexes those external resources:

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  • Facts About Guns – The Truth About Guns, presents a compendium of resources on issues such as Armed Teachers and School Staff, “Armor Piercing” aka Hollow Point Bullets, Assault Weapons and Assault Weapon Bans, “High Capacity” Magazines, Concealed Carry Permit Holders, Defensive Gun Use versus Murder Rate, Facts About the AR-15 Rifle, Firearms and Children, Firearms and Suicides, Mandatory Firearms Insurance, Microstamping, Origin and Context of the Second Amendment, Terrorist Watchlist and Universal Background Checks.


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  • You Know Less Than You Think About Guns – reason.com’s Brian Doherty presents an extensive examination of the “misleading uses, flagrant abuses, and shoddy statistics of social science about gun violence”