What is the Second Amendment About?

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We are all know the text of the Second Amendment, and that it means what it says---an armed citizenry is necessary to freedom and that right cannot be infringed in a truly free civilization. But what is it about? Beyond the literal meaning, it bears on everything that matters in a nation of independent people. There is absolutely consistent evidence for this from the men who shaped our country.  DRGO correspondent Dr. Larry Trick researched what many estimable leaders in the founding gene...

What Can 100 Million Armed Americans Tell Us?

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Academic articles typically end with an admonition that more data and research are desperately needed to resolve the question under study.  That’s where this article begins. Professional gun controllers cry out that there is an epidemic of deaths from gunshot wounds in America.  In the next Supreme Court session or two we are apt to see confirmation of the right to carry by lawful citizens, thereby overturning the May Issue laws of about 10 highly populated states.  Soon, we should expect...

The Healing Power of . . . Firearms?

[Ed: We are happy to post another insightful article by our pediatrician-in-residence, 'Dr. Latebloomer', which just appeared September 28 in GATDaily.]  We’ve all heard the adage “Physician Heal Thyself”. This ancient proverb was originally intended as an admonition to mind one’s own problems rather than advising others on theirs. Physicians (even ancient world ones) have always been notoriously bad at taking care of others’ “business” before their own.  Physicians’ own needs often come ...

Emergency Trauma Care at School Shootings

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[Ed: In our third and final presentation to the Gun Rights Policy Conference in Chicago on September 23, Dr. Edeen spoke about the preparations that need to be made for immediate, life-saving trauma intervention.] Today I am going to talk about trauma medicine in schools. Rob Morse suggested this as a topic to explore. Picture yourself standing next to the sink, washing the dishes after breakfast, when you get a notification that there is an active killer at your child’s school. (more&...

DRGO Update for October 1, 2018

  News: We (Drs. Brodale, Edeen & Young) are just back from the 2nd Amendment Foundation's Gun Rights Policy Conference in Chicago last weekend. It's the pause that refreshes, recharges and restores our drive to spread respect for the vital significance of the 2nd Amendment today and tomorrow in America. Our talks there are going on the website this week and next. We'll alert you to audio/video on DRGO's YouTube channel when it becomes available. Every year we go, we make n...

Who Are Mass Murderers and Why Do They Kill?

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[Ed: Continuing with our presentations at the 2018 Gun Rights Policy Conference, this is Dr. Young's talk, somewhat expanded here.] I thought we might talk about mass murderers, who they are and why they kill. Most use firearms, but the issues are the same regardless of the methods. This is not a major cause of mortality, but worth addressing just because everyone is talking about it.   (more…)

DRGO versus Anti-Gun Pseudoscience

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[Ed: This is the first of three presentations DRGO gave at the 2018 Gun Rights Policy Conference in Chicago. Dr. Brodale is DRGO's Outreach Director.] Year after year DRGO has brought to light the bias the mainstream medical establishment has against the right to keep and bear arms and the supposed medical research which that bias encourages. This creates a false image that all of medicine and all doctors think in the same way. (more…)

Constitution Day and Us

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Yesterday, September 17, was United States Constitution Day—also Citizenship Day, and before that, I Am An American Day. Any day is good to be grateful to be American. This one is especially fitting. Such national days are celebrated all over the world in at least 58 countries. But America’s came first, and has been the model for nearly all the others, including all 50+ constitutions in our own states and territories. Most important, it is ours, all of ours, now for 230 years.  (more&hell...