FBI Statistics on Crime

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(from thedailymeal.com) [Ed: A deep dive into the newest data from prisoners who have committed violent crimes. Rather enlightening, though I suspect that more used guns during crimes than admitted to it. Original is from the October 4 SCOPE-NY email, which will get posted here.] Gun control politicians, at both the federal and state level, are salivating at the opportunity to use government resources in the name of public health to finance studies critical of the 2nd Amendment.&nbs...


[Ed: This is essentially the talk Dr. Young provided for the annual Gun Rights Policy Conference (hosted online by the Second Amendment Foundation) and the Defending Freedom Action Summit (held by the Second Amendment Institute in Richmond). Edited for written clarity. The GRPC video is here; the DFAS one will be added.] DRGO is a nationwide organization of health care professionals and supporters who value honesty and human rights. Our leadership includes Drs. Arthur Przebinda (Project...

Intellectual Bankruptcy: A 1328 Law for the 21st Century?

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(from artstation.com) [Ed: DRGO's 'MarkPA' first published this piece September 8 on TheTruthAboutGuns.com.] Much is made of the 1328 Statute of Northampton to minimize or even to deny the right to bear arms. Northampton seems to be the core of the 9th Circuit’s opinion in Young v Hawaii.  Northampton is sited by the State of New York in NYSR&PA v Bruen. The latest I’ve seen is a short essay by Jonah Skolnic last week at the Duke Center for Firearms Law’s...

The Left on Rights

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(from osocio.org) [Ed: Tom Reynolds first published this piece in SCOPE-NY's Frontlines September 8.] Recently, there have been some interesting articles about our rights.  A bit legalistic but still interesting thoughts. One article asked why owning a firearm and healthcare are both being defined as “rights”? What if the traditional “right” to own a gun was changed and redefined in the same way as the new “right” to healthcare? Healthcare as a “right” was a selling point for O...

Norming Away Guns: Self Defense & Disarmament in Canada

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(from ammoland.com) [Ed: Dr. Mauser first published this at Ammoland August 31. Norming is a powerful tool used by anti-gun activists to change culture, leading to changes in politics and policy, just as dangerous to Americans as to Canadians.] Canadians are involved in a culture war. Traditional Canadian values such as self-reliance, personal responsibility, and patriotism are under attack. One tactic our opponents use is “norming.” Norming is part of a deliberate strategy ...

Dr. Walensky, Meet Dr. Schwam

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(from youtube.com) [Ed: New CDC Director, infectious disease specialist Rochelle Walensky, MD says "I'm not here about gun control. I'm here about preventing gun violence and gun death." She wants gun owners to "Join us in the conversation. . . I want you to teach me what you have done to make your gun safe, and then I want you to teach everybody else." However, none of the major gun rights organizations say they have heard from her. While Drs. Wheeler & Faria's editorial in The Washingt...

Blue Sky and Dark Clouds: On “Gun Violence” Researchers

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(from clipground.com) In a current Journal of the American Medical Association article with an accompanying editorial, various researchers express their happiness with  the resumption of federal funding for the Center for Disease control to look at violence, including “gun violence” (because “guns kill people”?!). They feel good about the lessening “chill” of the Dickey Amendment’s prohibition against research “to advocate for or promote gun control.” Many readers will recall that in 1996...

Corpus Linguistics & Bearing Arms: ‘Much Ado About Nothing’

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(from slideshare.com) [Ed: As a rule, DRGO is the first to caution against physicians claiming expertise on non-medical subjects. I'm breaking that rule here, on the excuse of having studied linguistics as part of my language major in college. FWIW.] Digital “corpus linguistics” is an old idea using a new tool in interpreting the meaning of documents. It uses deep data searches for words and phrases in documents recorded through the centuries to try to glean from context accurate underst...