Untapped Resources: The Doc Squad

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[Also, see 'Dr. Latebloomer's related piece at GATDaily.] Last summer I went to shoot at a local steel match. I know many of the guys at these club matches, and by pure serendipity, I ended up on what I called the Doc Squad. Five of us on that squad were medical. I found this amusing, considering Organized Medicine’s overt hatred for firearms. (more…)

Holocaust Remembrance and the Right to Bear Arms

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UNESCO once again dutifully commemorated "Holocaust Remembrance Day" on January 27th. The Nazi crimes of 1933-1945 were horrific enough to invent the term "genocide" and bring it into worldwide consciousness. We recall it as a heinous crime that was the worst of its genre. I say the worst because it was neither the first nor the last time a government would set its sights on exterminating a segment of its population. Throughout history, attempted genocides have not been uncommon. (more&he...

MAG-120: Hospital Threat Management

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[Ed: Dr. Edeen gave this talk at the MAG-120 course in Live Oak, Florida, December 11, 2017, slightly edited for DRGO.] Hospitals are not the idealized sanctuary of healing that many of us imagine them to be. According to the National Crime Victimization Survey by the Bureau of Justice Statistics (2011), 10% of workplace violence incidents were directed at health care workers. This translates to 6.5 in 1,000 health care workers being the victims of violent crime at their places of work. Shoot...

Cognitive Dissonance

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“Cognitive dissonance” is the mental distress brought on by simultaneously holding conflicting strong beliefs, or by encountering information that contradicts strongly held beliefs.  This stress can be reduced by changing one’s beliefs, though more commonly by denial (refusing to accept facts that contradict strongly held beliefs) or through rationalization (trying logically to justify something that is truly irrational). (more…)

Keep Your Sight on Target

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Attempts to blame guns for mayhem are unfortunately frequent. In a recent Politico articled Laura Kiesel cites a number of reports of violence committed with guns. Unlike many authors, she calls for a more careful examination of factors that may lead to such shootings. This focus on those who commit acts rather than the means they use is commendable. She blames “toxic masculinity”, and presents data showing that—no surprise—men are more violent than women. She notes in particular that 86%...

Concealed carry reciprocity coming soon to the U.S. Senate!

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[Ed: This analysis of the prospects for the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act in the Senate was first published  by the author on January 10, minimally edited for DRGO.] Somehow, but unsurprisingly, the mainstream liberal media has kept under wraps the fantastic Christmas present passed by the House of Representatives on December 6, 2017 for the benefit of citizens who value freedom and their ability to protect themselves and their families outside the homes. (more…)

Rural Canada: Do more guns mean more crime?

[From our Canadian correspondent, Gary Mauser PhD. This was first posted at Justice For Gun Owners December 5.] Rural Canada is “gun country.” But do more guns mean more crime? In 2017 StatsCan reported that both violent crime and property crime rates were higher in rural Canada than in bigger Canadian cities. If guns make people safe, how could this be true? (more…)