Will What Happened in Vegas Stay in Vegas?

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On October 1, 2017, America once again was forced to confront another horrific mass shooting wherein (50) some people were killed and over 500 injured.  The shooter was not a stereotypical mass gunman.  Of note was the fact that Richard Vasquez, the former chief of firearms technology for the ATF, said the fact that Paddock was able to purchase 33 guns  should tell us "he had a very clean background." Additionally, at least 12 of the 23 firearms found in the hotel room had been fitted “with ...

Dr. Edeen Challenges a Colleague’s Firearm Foolishness

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[Ed: Read the Herring commentary, then Dr. Edeen's rebuttal below. The Dallas News first offered to publish this, cut by 3/4; then as just a 200-word Letter to the Editor. Hardly equal time, so here it is.] Dear Doctor Herring: As a fellow pediatric orthopedic surgeon practicing in the State of Texas, I have the utmost respect for the professional excellence in your practice of orthopedics and in your dedication to training the current and next generation of orthopedic surgeons.  Howev...

Gun statistics–Should they be tortured or gently cross-examined?

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[Ed: Dr. Faria provided DRGO his response to another case of misinterpreted statistics. This was published as an Opinion Column in  The Telegraph (Macon, Georgia) on October 17, slightly edited here.]  In a recent letter to the editor in The Telegraph, Mr. Colin Frayne began his letter pointing out the need for “factual information” about guns.  He cites the statistic that for 2016, “36,861 total annual deaths [were] from guns, of which 58 deaths were from terrorism.” And compares it to ...

We Need to Check Background Checks

[Ed: Today we are happy to welcome new contributor Christopher Eckert.] Legal gun owners do not want people who should not have a gun to get one. Unfortunately, if one is opposed to liberal "common sense" gun control, you are painted as a gun nut who wants anyone to be able to get a gun so that children will die. (more…)

Ease of Legal Access to Firearms vs. Homicide Rates

Firearms are misused a minute fraction of the time; that is vastly exceeded by the good uses they overwhelmingly have, at times uniquely life-saving. Most studies never adequately consider the contribution of increased legal gun access to preventing criminal violence (which is far the greatest cause of shootings). When there is enough ambiguity to claim an anti-gun conclusion, there is also enough evidence to discount it. (more…)

Book Review: Rules of Engagement–Mending Citizen/Police Interactions, by B. L. Brown

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B. L. Brown is a police officer who wrote Rules of Engagement about trying to understand and improve police-citizen interactions. The book has several notable successes and some shortfalls. There are several references to Georgia law, reflecting the author’s base, but she is careful to point out that other states may employ different terms, and in fact may have different legislation. The introduction explains that this will be a conversational text. She then begins with a very useful glos...

Let’s Talk About Guns

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I had a chance to offer my Mom a little advice recently.  She was upset with someone.  She told me what had occurred, and asked what I thought she should say. I suggested that rather than simply trying to decide what to say, she needed to first determine what she wanted to accomplish.  Without doing that, there would be no rational basis for assessing possible courses of action and deciding which provided the highest likelihood of accomplishing her goal.  (more…)

Children and Safe Storage—Why Do Some Resist?

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I personally am getting heartsick over reading stories like this. "Accidents" such as this one are not really accidents. They are more like negligence. Unintentional negligence to be sure, but negligence nonetheless. But what drives the negligence? Ignorance? Stubbornness? Denial? Surely no one gets out of bed in the morning announcing that they intend to have a mental lapse that day which will lead to the death of someone they love. Yet it still happens. (more…)