Divided We Stand: States’ Rights and Gun Rights

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Should gun advocates embrace States’ Rights? In McDonald v Chicago, the Supreme Court incorporated the Second Amendment on the States.  “[T]he right of the People to keep and bear arms . . .” is now, indisputably, the uniform law of the land throughout the 50 states and D.C. Yet for the foreseeable future, that “uniform” right means nothing more than what the Supremes decide is  “. . .  the right . . . really worth insisting upon.”  Thus, as a purely practical matter, we cannot know the p...

Trouble in the Evergreen State

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[Ed: We thought we'd share an example of letters we often receive about inappropriate physician queries with unsolicited advice about guns in patient care settings. We hear about these incidents all too often, but want to so that we can offer what help we can. Thank you to the writer for allowing us to share this.]  Hi, I wanted to inform you that doctors are asking intrusive questions regarding gun ownership in Washington state. Recently I had a routine annual physical exam and the...

Who Can Be So Stupid?

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[Ed: We are very pleased to introduce new DRGO writer, Dr. Dave Light, a clinician who has been active in health care management, federal law enforcement, and federal legislative and regulatory matters  for many years.]  The reality is “mass shooting” are not as frequent as the media plays them to be. Their agenda is to see guns removed from society as if by doing so those will end. Interestingly, you never hear about violence control, only gun control! (more…)

Stay in Your Lane!

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“Stay in your lane!” they yelled, as I barged into the OR.  The self-righteous Neurosurgeon glared at me icily as I marched over behind him.  “Get the hell out of here – I’m in the middle of Mrs. Jones’ brain, and her Glioblastoma!!!  What do you think you’re doing ?!?” he yelled. “I’m the Neuroradiologist, you inconsiderate fool” I shouted back.  “I know she’s got a Glio – that’s why I’m here!!” I screamed back at him. (more…)

The Blame Game

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Let’s play a little game, just between us physicians, shall we? Are you offended by the implication that you, as a lawful prescriber, are to blame for the opioid epidemic? Are you tired of the government telling you how you should practice medicine--all because of the actions of the criminal and the irresponsible? Are you tired of being asked to jump through hoop after hoop in order to “prove” that you are a responsible and competent physician? (more…)

Medical Groups Should Stay In Their Lane

The NRA’s response to the American College of Physicians trotting out its same old recommendations of infringing on the Second Amendment rights of Americans after the Thousand Oaks mass murder has ignited a social media firestorm. DRGO was asked for a comment on the matter by the Wall Street Journal, which predictably gave our voice the typical sandwich treatment. (more…)

Borderline Bar and Camp Fire–A Tale of Two Tragedies

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Our nation just witnessed two California tragedies, back-to-back: The mass killing of a dozen party goers at the Borderline country bar, and the Camp Wildfire rapidly marching toward three dozen deaths with hundreds missing.  I’m experiencing a double dose of frustration because I am at a loss to conceive of a solution that guarantees against a repeat of either type of loss. (more…)

Survival Jogging and the Right to Bear Arms

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The tragedy of University of Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts calls each of us to take responsibility for our own security.  Government does not and cannot actually protect us and our dependents. Each of us must look primarily to ourselves. Mollie was apparently bushwhacked while jogging on a lightly traveled road where she was vulnerable. Her sole defensive weapon was her cell phone. As I travel down nearby US 202 I see many individual women jogging alone on the trail that runs along the rig...