Raising Red Flags

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(from sociopathlife.com) [Ed: DRGO welcomes Dr. Dennis Petrocelli as one of us with this article . He is especially concerned with trends in his home state Virginia, which is a bell-weather purple state we should all be concerned about. And see his interview with Cam Edwards on Cam's new gig at Bearing Arms (about 20 minutes in).] Among the many misguided gun control proposals from Governor Northam is a so-called “Red Flag Law.” This measure may be the single greatest threat to our consti...

Does the Secret Service Know Something We Should?

(from gta5-mods.com) On this July 9th the U.S. Secret Service released a report on mass attacks.  Here are the key findings, followed by my analysis: One-third of the attackers who terrorized schools, houses of worship or businesses nationwide last year had a history of serious domestic violence, two-thirds had mental health issues, and nearly all had made threatening or concerning communications that worried others before they struck. Most attackers were male, ranging in age from 15...

GVROs, ERPOs and Red Flag Laws

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(from slickgunsnews.com) Following the El Paso and Dayton shootings this weekend, we heard from President Trump that it’s time to establish “strong background checks” and support “red flag laws” such as Senator Lindsey Graham believes can be enacted by bipartisan majorities soon in Congress. DRGO has studied these topics for years, as have many other Second Amendment advocates. (You can see what we think about red flag laws here, and what a good background check approach would be here. )...

Gun Control for Gilroy?

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I’d like to pose a question to the experts on this topic: Is there a gun-control measure that could mitigate the risk of mass shootings in public venues, such as the one that occurred at the Gilroy Garlic Festival? Whenever society is besieged by important problems, it turns to experts for insight.  In this context, rank-and-file police and boots-on-the-ground infantry veterans are the experts—not chiefs, sheriffs or generals. (more…)

A Conversation, Not a Conversion

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(from etsy.com) Last evening at a social event, my wife was engaged in a conversation with the wife of an associate. I half listened until I realized that the conversation had morphed into gun control. It became more interesting when I learned that the other lady had been a United States Marine, and had been part of the security detail for one of our better known and highly esteemed presidents. She has a Washington CPL and although we were in Oregon, I didn’t question whether or not she ...

Legislating “Gun Safety”

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(from 13wham.com) I am extremely upset over Democrat moves they label as "gun safety" regulations and laws that have minimal or NO effect on the killing of American children. Why do voters not ask: "Would this proposed legislation have prevented the Columbine event or the Sandy Hook shooting or the Parkland school shooting or the Colorado theater shooting?”  The rhetoric, laws and regulations being argued about today would have prevented none of these massacres. (more…)

Keeping Guns from Kids

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(from slate.com) When you live alone and own a gun, you don’t worry about where it is. You could hide it in the cereal box, for all it matters—and the only thing to be concerned with is to make sure it can’t be found by a home invader. Every place is safe, as you keep it easily accessible to you. On the other hand, when you have a family, the issue can take a different turn. Granted, you may be able to keep your spouse safe from danger—or even teach them how to use the gun—but when it co...

Adult Tourniquets for Kids

(from North American Rescue) [Ed: DRGO's 'Dr. Latebloomer' originally published this July 17 at GATdaily.com.] A recent article published in the June issue of the journal Pediatrics, indicates that Adult Combat Application Tourniquets (CAT) are effective for use in school-age children. I don’t follow the pediatric trauma literature because I’m in general office care, so this was news to me. It seems that previous studies of children and tourniquets have involved rescue mannequins and...