Pointless Red Flag Laws

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(from i2i.org) "Red flag Laws", which allow police to seize the firearms of people accused of being at risk to misuse them, have been passed in 19 states. Do they do what proponents say they do? A recent study by Veronica Pear, PhD and Garen Wintemute, MD, and co-authors says the answer is clearly, “No”. It appeared as "Firearm Violence Following the Implementation of California’s Gun Violence Restraining Order Law" on JAMA Network April 5. In looking at California’s Red Flag law they use...

Review: ‘The Awakening of Jennifer Van Arsdale’ by George Leef

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(from amazon.com) This is a different sort of book from what we usually review, but one that is worth calling attention to. The Awakening of Jennifer Van Arsdale: A Political Fable for Our Times is a dystopian novel set in the all too near future, with a contemporary settings and political/cultural themes. Our interest was piqued by the central role of a citizen hero who wields a firearm in defense of others and is key to a woman developing insight into the deterioration of her country devel...

Keep the Faith

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(from dappercadaver.com) Too often we still hear that guns are the problem. For example, esteemed Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Tweet ("light footing" it around her responsibility for Chicago’s safe streets): “We have a common enemy: it's guns & the violence they bring.” Yet there has been a gradual shift in messaging by our distinguished gun control competition. In recent years, they’ve backed off somewhat from their longtime gun ban and confiscation demands and moved more toward re...

The AMA Goes Full Woke

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(from ifamnews.com) Health “equity” or health for all? The wokerati, such as the American Medical Association,  would like us to think that it takes the first to achieve the second. In 54 pages of more-than-usually mind-numbing social “sciences” verbology, the AMA has published Advancing Health Equity: A Guide to Language, Narrative and Concepts. To begin with: “By health inequities, we mean gaps that are ‘unjust, avoidable, unnecessary and unfair.’”  No, we don’t want those, an...

What matters — Patients or Popularity?

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(from quotehd.com) There is a constant stream of articles coming from establishment medicine “experts” that denigrate our Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms along with the individual focus our patients deserve in order to be protected from social priorities that would override that. One that’s received a fair amount of press was an op-ed in the Los Angeles Times by an emergency physician in San Luis Obispo, California, Steven Sainsbury. (See the SAF's Lee Williams if you can’t g...

Review: ‘Gunfighters, Highwaymen and Vigilantes: Violence on the Frontier’ by Roger D. McGrath

[Ed: Dr. Faria's review, first published February 28 on HaciendaPub.com, discloses the reality that was more the Mild West than the Wild West. Lightly edited for DRGO.] There is a serious misconception of the Old West that needs correcting. That is the notion of an uncivilized Wild West, where antisocial and violent behavior was the norm, and where citizens were afraid to leave their homes, afraid of rampant crime and in fear for their lives. This savage perspective turns out to be inco...

Response to Biden’s State of the Union Address

[Ed: Written by Tim Andrews, originally published by SCOPE-NY Briefings March 7.] Biden said, “And we’ll do everything in my power to crack down on gun trafficking, of ghost guns that you can buy online, assemble at home — no serial numbers, can’t be traced.” Response: What’s he waiting for?  There are plenty of laws already on the books prohibiting illegal gun trafficking.  Guns must have enough metal to be detected by airport metal detectors.  With the exception of so...

Revising American History for the Sake of Gun Control

Like it or not, firearms and civilian gun ownership have been part of American history from the inception of American culture and have become as American as mom and apple pie. And it should remain so for lawful citizens. Not that my assertion based on historical reality would be accepted by some undaunted public health researchers, as will be briefly recounted. One researcher, an Emory University professor and Bancroft Prize winner, Michael A. Bellesiles, faked data to “prove” in his now...