A Pediatrician Explains the AR-15

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[Ed: This was first published February 28 on GATdaily.com.] The Doctor will school you now. The “AR-15” is the common name for a style of semi-automatic rifle which is perhaps the most misunderstood firearm in modern history. To listen to gun controllers, one would think that this style of firearm had emerged from the depths of hell, become sentient, and started attacking residential subdivisions across the country. I am here to attempt to explain in layman’s terms what this firearm is...

DRGO on Firearm Confiscation due to Dangerousness

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In the wake of the Parkland shooting we’ve seen a push to find solutions that would keep firearms out of the hands of dangerous people who might commit atrocities. The majority of the mass killers in recent times appear to have been mentally ill or deeply disturbed. Because mental illnesses are so varied, the mere presence of one does not indicate any risk of violence. Approximately 25% of our population experiences some mental illness at any given time. (more…)

We’ve Got to Do SOMETHING!

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“We’ve got to do something!”  This is the refrain among angry, frightened, and frustrated Americans every time there’s a horrific event like the recent school shooting in Florida. On this there is tremendous common ground between people on both sides of the gun control issue—despite despicable statements by some that the NRA or gun owners in general “have blood on their hands”.  All rational people agree that mass homicide is unacceptable.  All rational people agree that it’s even more aw...

A Nation of Privileged Cowards?

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Like all of you who read this, I’ve been watching the disturbing news of the Parkland, Florida school attack and trying to process the horror of it all. I’ve listened and tried to be understanding, but now I’m angry. It’s not just the attack itself that’s disturbing, but the dysfunctional reaction coming from so many people and the way so many special interest groups are trying to spin the disaster to promote their own agenda. (more…)

The AAP: Emotion Displaces Science

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In keeping with the American Academy of Pediatrics’ apparent policy to “Never Let a Tragedy Go to Waste”, it only took 24 hours for their statement about the Florida high school shooting to hit my inbox. It only took until the second paragraph of this “statement” before the very president of the AAP used discredited propaganda from Everytown for Gun Safety to attempt to support her position. She there states that “Congress is failing to act”, and states that members of Congress “bear a re...

What’s Missing from the “Gun Control Debate”? Respecting the Science

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[Ed: This first appeared February 26 on American Greatness as "Gun Grabbers Deny the Science", slightly expanded here.] Mark Rosenberg, MD, MPP, former assistant surgeon general and founder of the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control at the Centers for Disease Control, claimed in Politico this week that there is still too little useful research into how to reduce “gun violence” in the U.S. This is the same Dr. Rosenberg who in his official capacity in1994 said that firearms s...

Gun control: The assault on Congress by the medical journals–Part 2

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[Ed: Part 2 of Dr. Faria’s piece, slightly edited for DRGO, was first published in December in the Macon Telegraph, GOPUSA.com and HaciendaPub.com. It is a sharp analysis of the editorial bias inherent in organized medicine’s premier journals. Part 1 was posted on Tuesday.] In a recent editorial “Death by gun violence — A public health crisis,” twelve editors of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) lobbied, or rather lambasted, Congress for not dealing with gun violence...

Gun control: The assault on Congress by the medical journals–Part 1

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[Ed: Dr. Faria's piece, slightly edited for DRGO, was first published in November at Macon.com, GOPUSA.com and HaciendaPub.com. It is a sharp analysis of the editorial bias inherent in organized medicine's premier journals. Look for Part 2 on Thursday.] In the wake of the heinous Las Vegas shooting, the medical politicians of the American Medical Association and the public health establishment—which is to the left side of politics on just about any topic even remotely related to medicine...