Happy Friday, Senator Hashmi & Delegate Carr

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(from thelibertarianrepublic.com) [Ed: Dr. Petrocelli sent this letter, lightly edited for DRGO, to his Virginia state representatives last week. Keep visiting and writing to yours--personal contact is the most effective lobbying possible.] I am writing to you as your constituent this Friday to share two pieces of terrific news. Not only have your constituents bought guns in record numbers over the past several months, roughly 40% of those purchases went to first time gun owners. ...

Threats to Gun Ownership Amid the Chaos

The first quarter of 2020 was marked by the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic which has affected almost every aspect of our lives. The second quarter of 2020 has seen rising tensions over police brutality and the wider societal effects of racism. These issues have left few areas of American life without turmoil, and few Americans without stress. Second Amendment rights continue to face challenges, and 2020 has not left them free from attack. Misplaced Empathy Recent events have in...

A Message To Americans for Independence Day 2020

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(from parade.com) [Ed: This is excerpted from an article posted this July 4 on The Arbalest Quarrel, edited for DRGO.] . “Americans have the right and the advantage of being armed—unlike the citizens of other countries whose governments are afraid to trust the people with arms." -- James Madison, Federalist 46. . . Dear Fellow Americans: As we celebrate Independence Day this July 4th we should think about the significance of the War that was fought 240 years ago against tyr...

Doctors’ prescription: Disarm

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(from whatsonafrica.com) The latest Lancet Psychiatry editorial mixes several poorly articulated ideas in a swing-and-a-miss effort to impugn American gun owners by suggesting that current gun purchases are fueled by cowardice in the face of economic adversity.  Given The Lancet’s other-than-the-United States focus, it isn’t surprising that it woefully mischaracterizes us.  “Home of the brave?” links economic hardship with gun purchases, and even resurrects Obama’s whopper foot...

COVID-19, George Floyd Riots, and the Second Amendment

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[Ed: This is published by permission, slightly edited, after its first appearance at Hacienda Publishing on June 10.] The events of the last two or three months have been not only momentous but also perhaps portentous of things to come. In rapid succession COVID-19 and the George Floyd riots have underscored the fact government cannot always be trusted to do the right thing, and that Americans in the 21st century still need to preserve the God-endowed Natural and government-gua...

The Roberts Court Will Not Defend the Second Amendment, Ever!

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(from federal observer.com) [Ed: This is a slightly edited repost from our friend Roger Katz, Esq. at The Arbalest Quarrel group, attorneys who report and analyze Second Amendment issues. It was originally published there June 20 as Part 7 of a continuing series--"The Impact of the U.S. Supreme Court New York City Gun Transport Case Decision on the Second Amendment".] The NYC case provided our best chance for a serious Court review of 2A, ten years after the McDonald decision, clarifying...

The Might of the Majority

"Majority rules.”  So those of us were taught when, once upon a time, civics was part of public school curriculum.  But what of the legitimate rights of minorities? As a practical matter, they no longer exist.  Perhaps they never did.   E pluribus unum—"out of many, one”.  Our nation’s Constitution was cobbled together by representatives of diverse nation states each with its own sentiments, customs and prejudices.  Each was jealous of encroachment by greate...

Do (Hand)Guns Lead to Suicide?

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(from dreamstime.com) Garen Wintemute, MD (of course) et al have come up with another study to publish, this one in their anti-gun co-conspirator, The New England Journal of Medicine, purporting to show that gun owners are more likely to suicide over time than those who do not own guns. Thanks to Carl Bussjaeger for alerting us to this in TheTruthAboutGuns.com June 5. Read his article about the most obvious problem with their conclusions, that they ignored people who’ve owned firearms for ye...