What Constitutes Responsible Gun Ownership?

Our masthead proclaims our devotion to “Responsible Gun Ownership”. The presumption is that there really is such a thing as “responsible” gun ownership distinguishable from “irresponsible” gun ownership. Let’s think about what that might mean. The debate over gun control and gun rights is highly polarized. So much so that one might say that those at opposite […]

Sentimental Journeys: How We Feel About Who Has Guns

Each of us has opinions about whether others ought to have guns.  These sentiments are very much cultural and often irrational.   There are also sub-cultures who hold radically different sentiments even though they are parts of the same society.  To explore this, let’s study two nations and cultures, the United States and Mexico. In […]

What Will Come from the Kavanaugh Court? — Part 2

[Ed: In Part 1, the author discussed the likely process of change toward less infringing interpretations of the Second Amendment. Here, he speculates about what might likely change, and what results might develop.] The website Bearing Arms suspects that Trump’s pending Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, might support training or testing requirements to be issued […]

What Will Come from the Kavanaugh Court? — Part 1

[Ed: Part 2, discussing a specific possibility, will follow.] In “The Death of Gun Control?” Dr. Young wrote: “Now, [Second Amendment jurisprudence] will develop with the intended purpose of limiting government power rather than ‘living’ through death by a thousand cuts.” But these changes will not necessarily occur dramatically or at once. The new composition […]

May-Issue, Shall-Issue, or National Reciprocity

One of the most hotly debated issues on the Second Amendment is over the right to carry firearms outside the home.  Today, each of the 50 states as well as the District of Columbia authorizes ordinary citizens to carry a handgun in most public places under one of the following three regimes: Constitutional Carry: 12 […]

Can Progressives Dialogue as Well as They Can Demand?

“Poor people own guns. The elite have bodyguards.”  So opines Daniel Greenfield at FrontPage Magazine. Progressive elites imagine that drumming the message of gun control will get out the vote of the traditionally captive constituents of the Democrat Party.  Instead, they might be having precisely the opposite effect. Feelings about gun-control range widely on both […]