Another Failure of Peer Review at JAMA

You don’t have to be a trained statistician or criminologist to get published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) if you’re on message about guns, judging from this new anti-gun advocacy article. The editors at one of America’s leading medical journals have been clear for years on what they want readers to […]

Real Public Health Gun Experts Debunk The Trace

Here at DRGO we normally don’t pay attention to the Bloomberg-sponsored gun ban propaganda operation known as The Trace. We’ve shown how everything they publish is intended to prejudice readers against guns and gun owners. We’ve exposed their cheap bloody shirt-waving and emotional exploitation of grieving families.

Elites Double Down on Medical Gun Control Politics

To see how utterly disconnected the public health gun prohibition movement and their major media allies are from the everyday lives of normal people, consider the recent carefully orchestrated media blast of Dr. Garen Wintemute’s latest gun control advocacy article. My expert colleagues Dr. Margulies and Dr. Young dissected this smelly specimen of junk science […]

Two Profiles in Hoplophobia

The public health culture war against gun owners started a quarter century ago and shows no signs of letting up. The steady surge in support of the civil right of gun ownership seems to have spurred medical hoplophobes in universities and in government to renew their efforts to prohibit gun ownership. The big academic gun-grabbers […]

Doctors Kill 23 Times More People Than Guns Kill!

Behold this leading-bleeding scream piece from BMJ, formerly the British Medical Journal and formerly a respected source of scientific information for your doctor.  The journal has a history of free-wheeling condemnation of American gun owners, going so far as to advocate attacking their very culture.  Throwing fuel on their own fire, BMJ editors evidently have […]

Breaking! DRGO Goes to Sacramento to Stop California Junk Science

Sparks flew today in the California Senate Public Safety Committee as Committee Chair Sen. Hancock cut off Dr. Wheeler’s testimony. DRGO was present at the the committee’s hearing this afternoon on a slew of gun control bills, including SB 1006. You’ve seen the history of how national-level public health gun-grabbers leveraged the immense resources of […]

DRGO’s 1996 Congressional Testimony: Defunding Gun Control Politics at the CDC

Just this week we received the raw data, scanned files of the transcript of our testimony.  Recently I’ve written a lot about when an internal medicine specialist, a neurosurgeon, and I testified before the House Appropriations Committee recommending that Congress refuse to pay for gun control-motivated junk science.  We had all independently become aware of […]