Bullets, Bagels, and Bearing Arms

[Ed: This is a speech delivered February 12 by DRGO’s Dr. Timothy Wheeler, at the Bullets & Bagels Club at Los Angeles’ LAX Range.]  Shalom!  And my thanks to Dr. Fred Kogen, who was kind enough to invite me to speak today.  I am always up for any opportunity to hang out with fellow gunnies, […]

Bindu Kalesan Should Be Fired

The anti-firearm activist and researcher Bindu Kalesan made headlines recently with her latest advocacy piece, which DRGO’s Publication Review Team gutted in Tuesday’s blog entry.  We take this opportunity to show how Kalesan is just another practitioner of a long tradition of scientific disgrace—abusing scientific credentials to advance a culture war against gun owners. And […]

BMJ and Bindu Kalesan: A Match Made in Hoplophobe Heaven

[Editor: With this article, we introduce the work of our Publication Review team of medical scientists and statisticians who add their expertise to countering the ‘political’ science endemic to anti-gun ‘research’.] We have blogged about Boston University anti-gun advocacy researcher Bindu Kalesan’s commitment to attacking the very culture of American gun owners.  Now, with five […]

Inland Empire Doctors Treat a Civil Right as a Public Health Problem

[Editor: Dr. Wheeler, a San Bernardino County Medical Society member for 35 years, received a member satisfaction survey.  This letter to Society president Michael Sequeira, MD resulted.] Dear Dr. Sequeira:                                                   November 1, 2016 I was dismayed to recently learn that the San Bernardino County Medical Society has officially gone on record as supporting Lt. Gov. Gavin […]

DRGO: The Future

[Editor’s note: This is the last of four presentations DRGO leadership gave at this weekend’s 31st annual Gun Rights Policy Conference hosted by the Second Amendment Foundation in Tampa. See the video, beginning at 9:36:35.] I want to thank Alan Gottlieb and Julianne Versnel and their staff for once again putting on the best networking […]

The Sandwich Method of Gun Control “Journalism”

At DRGO we’ve often written about advocacy science, which really isn’t science at all.  Rather, it is politics masquerading as science.  There’s also such a thing as advocacy journalism, which really isn’t journalism at all.  It is politics masquerading as journalism. DRGO recently was approached by Kaiser Health News reporter Shefali Luthra for a story […]