Medical Groups Should Stay In Their Lane

The NRA’s response to the American College of Physicians trotting out its same old recommendations of infringing on the Second Amendment rights of Americans after the Thousand Oaks mass murder has ignited a social media firestorm. DRGO was asked for a comment on the matter by the Wall Street Journal, which predictably gave our voice […]

Can Kaiser Permanente Be Honest in Gun Research?

The San Francisco Bay area-based health care giant Kaiser Permanente has announced in a press release that it is “investing $2 million in research to prevent gun injuries and death.” In a Washington Post article, co-leader of the new Kaiser Permanente Task Force on Firearm Injury Prevention David Grossman, MD, MPH was quoted as saying “the […]

Advice for Young Pro-Gun Doctors

In addition to undermining the unfettered exercise of Second Amendment rights by patients, medical academia will not tolerate dissent among its ranks. Repression of any deviation from the party line is as clear an indication of a totalitarian bent as it is an old tactic. Those who cling tenaciously to an alternate reality in which […]

ACP President Trips Over His Own Rhetoric

Medical Economics recently published an interview with Jack Ende, MD, MACP, president of the American College of Physicians. The ACP is one of the signatories to the joint statement to treat gun violence as a public health issue. The interview with Ende is titled “This is why gun violence is a public health problem.” This […]

DRGO at the 2017 GRPC: Introducing

[Ed: Back from Dallas, we’re posting our presentations this week. You can also watch us in living color at] DRGO is going beyond advocacy and watchdog activities, and taking action to support peoples’ right not to be lectured or recorded regarding their gun ownership. We are introducing in order to protect Second Amendment […]

DRGO Does Dallas!

  A special message from DRGO: DRGO leaders are again attending the annual Gun Rights Policy Conference, this year in Dallas. We will be speaking at 5:00 pm on Saturday September 29. We know of no live feed, but you can view all the presentations and panels beginning Monday at We’ll be posting to […]