DRGO at the 2017 GRPC: Introducing 2Adoc.com

(from drgo.com)

(from drgo.com)

[Ed: Back from Dallas, we’re posting our presentations this week. You can also watch us in living color at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmyEJ7KJMIs]

DRGO is going beyond advocacy and watchdog activities, and taking action to support peoples’ right not to be lectured or recorded regarding their gun ownership.

We are introducing 2Adoc.com in order to protect Second Amendment rights and privacy in the relationship between patients and their doctors. This means helping people find providers who are respectful and maintain absolute confidentiality about gun ownership.

2Adoc.com’s purpose is simple: We will help people find gun-friendly health care providers. This will be private and free. It applies to all varieties of health-care practitioners, including MDs/DOs, NPs, dentists, PhDs/PsyDs, SWs and other counselors, chiropractors, et al. It is only necessary that the registrant hold the authority to make practice decisions such as who to accept.

How can you help us make this service a success?

  1. If you are any sort of health care practitioner (who can make decisions about your own practice), please join! Your participation is confidential and free.
  2. If you are involved in any pro-gun organizations, whether national, state-wide or local, please tell your provider members about this and ask them to join up. Again, it is confidential and free. We can provide informational materials to help.
  3. If you are in the media, whether firearm-oriented or not, we’d love to talk to you, describe this opportunity on your shows and in your magazines, newspapers and blogs.
  4. And anyone can tell everyone you know—providers, friends, family, acquaintances and fellow gun club members.

Once we have a sufficient number of practitioners, we will begin making referrals as requested by prospective patients and clients to providers who have registered with our service. To date, we have about three times as many people waiting for referrals as we have providers yet signed up, so we know there is a significant demand. But we are at the beginning of this process and hope within the next few months to begin making those referrals.

We at DRGO are very excited about introducing this resource to the millions of Americans who deserve it in the current political environment of anti-gun professional associations and media. 2Adoc.com is a great opportunity for providers to increase their practice size and defend the second amendment rights of their fellow Americans.

Thank you!


—Arthur Z Przebinda, MD is an imagingazprzebinda_70x88 specialist in Southern California. He advocates for the Second Amendment in his state and nationally and since 2017 serves as DRGO’s Project Director. 

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