Domestic Violence: No Duty by the State to Protect Against Criminal Abusers—Part 2

[Ed: This is the second part of Roberts’ paper written for the Department of Political Science in Austin Peay University’s pre-law program. This excellent summary of these domestic violence issues should be available to a wider audience. Part 1 is here.] Many cases involving domestic abuse victims involve children. “5 million children grow up with […] Will Connect Patients with Gun-Friendly Providers

Patients want to trust their provider to not make mistakes and to not lie to them. Unfortunately, when it comes to guns, medical organizations have not been living up to that expectation. Medical associations have been insinuating an anti-gun political agenda into the patient-doctor relationship for decades. Patients are routinely being asked about gun ownership. […]

Pro-Second Amendment healthcare provider FAQ FAQ What is the benefit to me as a practitioner? – you can increase your practice size. Who can sign up? – ANY provider who respects second amendment and privacy rights can sign up, you just need to have decision making authority for the practice being added to our directory. Is this for physicians only? – […]

23 Years of Accomplishment: Tim Wheeler, MD and DRGO

[Editor’s note: This is the third of four presentations DRGO leadership gave at this weekend’s 31st annual Gun Rights Policy Conference hosted by the Second Amendment Foundation in Tampa. See the video, beginning at 9:25:58.] Nearly a quarter century ago, a young surgeon (well, young by physician standards) discovered that firearm ownership was becoming vilified […]

Docs, Glocks & Rocket Jocks

As a radiologist, being the butt of jokes in the doctor’s lounge about light sensitivity and the risk of developing decubitus ulcers is par for the course. The “banker’s hours” jokes have fallen off since the advent of 24-hour radiology service, but as for the rest, I’ve found it’s best just to smile and nod. […]