‘Red Flag’ Laws are False Flags

[Ed: We’ve reported on GVROs and Red Flag laws since 2015—how they put gun owners at risk and about California’s law in particular. With Senator Rubio promoting more ‘Red Flag’ laws, Dr. Vaughan’s warning is more timely than ever. You can download DRGO’s position paper on Firearm Confiscation due to Dangerousness here.] ‘Red Flag Gun […]

Stay in Your Lane!

“Stay in your lane!” they yelled, as I barged into the OR.  The self-righteous Neurosurgeon glared at me icily as I marched over behind him.  “Get the hell out of here – I’m in the middle of Mrs. Jones’ brain, and her Glioblastoma!!!  What do you think you’re doing ?!?” he yelled. “I’m the Neuroradiologist, […]

A Snapshot of Firearm Storage in America

At the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, the monotheism of gun control advocacy has taken root so deeply that their faculty, no doubt an extremely intelligent group, seems blinded to its pervasiveness. Consider this recent story about one of their younger colleagues. In it, they tout the bona fides of Dr. Cassandra Crifasi, […]

We’ve Got to Do SOMETHING!

“We’ve got to do something!”  This is the refrain among angry, frightened, and frustrated Americans every time there’s a horrific event like the recent school shooting in Florida. On this there is tremendous common ground between people on both sides of the gun control issue—despite despicable statements by some that the NRA or gun owners […]

Cognitive Dissonance

“Cognitive dissonance” is the mental distress brought on by simultaneously holding conflicting strong beliefs, or by encountering information that contradicts strongly held beliefs.  This stress can be reduced by changing one’s beliefs, though more commonly by denial (refusing to accept facts that contradict strongly held beliefs) or through rationalization (trying logically to justify something that […]

Let’s Talk About Guns

I had a chance to offer my Mom a little advice recently.  She was upset with someone.  She told me what had occurred, and asked what I thought she should say. I suggested that rather than simply trying to decide what to say, she needed to first determine what she wanted to accomplish.  Without doing […]

Crazy for Thinking

Just when you thought the anti-gunners couldn’t get any crazier . . . If you happened to take a few minutes to peruse the “Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America” Facebook page in an attempt to learn about the terrible events in Charlottesville recently, you might have been a little confused. Their page […]