To Err Is Human

We at DRGO spend a whole lot of time exploring gun issues every day. That includes research (such as it is), politics, advocacy, policy, and the occasional hobbyist item (because we are, after all, gun enthusiasts). And in everything, there is bias. There is bias in what we publish and talk about, too. We think […]

How to Make Friends and Influence People—About Guns

The antagonism of medical leaders has infected too many physicians with disregard for the Second Amendment and the value of firearms. More than anything, DRGO’s purpose is to correct that. But addressing these prejudices, once established, is an uphill battle. Just as more, better speech is the best response to hateful speech, education and positive […]

Brownie Bear Teaches Gun Safety, by B.L. Brown

On the heels of two prior reviews of books helping us educate children about firearms (Safety On by Yehuda Remer and Guns the Right Way by Jerry Luciano), another one arrived that completes a complementary trilogy. Brownie Bear Teaches Gun Safety is a short storybook just right for younger children who enjoy being read to. […]

Gun Control: A Passivity Disorder?

In contemporary America, as in the West generally, we are witnessing a diminution of traditional self-reliant values. With this, there has been a strong shift to a passive, group think perspective. It’s our belief that the demand for extreme gun control goes beyond normal passivity and enters the realm of a psychological disorder. Let’s clarify […]

A Day to Remember

Memorial Day has now come for the 51st time since it was officially proclaimed in 1967. It has been kept nationwide, though unofficially, since World War II, and as Decoration Day since 1868.  It was born in spontaneous memorials early during the Civil War.  Remembering war dead has been important throughout history, even as the […]