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Implementing DRGO’s mission also includes sharing our expertise with policy makers. In this capacity, DRGO weighs in on firearms-related policy process by way of submitting amicus curiae briefs and providing relevant testimony to legislators. This section indexes those briefs and testimonies. Amicus Curiae Briefs: Amicus curiae briefs are legal documents submitted to a court in […]

Robert Young, MD Media

A practicing psychiatrist, DRGO’s Dr. Robert Young knows the dangers of encountering violent or mentally unbalanced patients or their family members. Psychiatry is one of the medical specialties most at risk for being targeted with a lethal assault.   Visit our YouTube channel for all content.   Dr. Young speaks with Cam Edwards about an article […]

Dr. Robert Young Represents DRGO at AMA Litigation Session on “Docs v Glocks”

[Editor’s Note: In November DRGO’s Robert B. Young, MD was invited to attend a meeting in Dallas of the American Medical Association’s Litigation Committee. This AMA management committee assembled to discuss the ongoing litigation aimed at overturning Florida’s Firearm Owners’ Privacy Act (FOPA), also known as the Docs vs. Glocks law. DRGO has been involved […]