Garen Wintemute, MD Creates Victims.

Nothing says “It’s summer in California!” these days like dumping five million dollars from already strained coffers into the piggy bank of a notorious anti-rights propagandist. And nothing celebrates that occasion better than a hagiographic fluff piece about the man for whose pet project that money has been ripped from the pockets of California gun-owning […]

Two Profiles in Hoplophobia

The public health culture war against gun owners started a quarter century ago and shows no signs of letting up. The steady surge in support of the civil right of gun ownership seems to have spurred medical hoplophobes in universities and in government to renew their efforts to prohibit gun ownership. The big academic gun-grabbers […]

Why Johnny Shot Mikey Is Not a Medical Issue

Sitting through last week’s GunMeggedon (the all-day marathon of hearings on proposed anti-gun bills) in the California Senate’s Public Safety Committee was enough to raise one’s blood pressure to dangerous levels. The day culminated for Dr. Wheeler and me in the hearing of SB 1006 (Firearm Violence Research Center, Senator Wolk). That experience was already summarized previously by […]

Breaking! DRGO Goes to Sacramento to Stop California Junk Science

Sparks flew today in the California Senate Public Safety Committee as Committee Chair Sen. Hancock cut off Dr. Wheeler’s testimony. DRGO was present at the the committee’s hearing this afternoon on a slew of gun control bills, including SB 1006. You’ve seen the history of how national-level public health gun-grabbers leveraged the immense resources of […]

Timothy Wheeler, MD Media

Timothy Wheeler, MD is the Founder and former director of Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership, a project of the Second Amendment Foundation.   Visit our YouTube channel for all content.   Dr. Wheeler on Cam & Co. speaking about his article comparing deaths from medical errors to deaths from firearms. He points to the hypocrisy of associations such as […]