The Gun Question: Boundary Violations Go Digital

By Timothy Wheeler, MD DRGO has long been involved in the public health gun prohibition movement’s campaign to make “the gun question”—an ethical boundary violation in medical practice—the so-called standard of medical care. My foundational article on the subject is here—“Boundary Violations: Gun Politics in the Doctor’s Office”. Now Woodward News (Oklahoma) staff writer Rachael […]

Boundary Violation

Boundary Violation: Gun Politics in the Doctor’s Office Imagine this scenario: you visit your doctor for back pain. Your doctor asks if you have firearms in your home. Then he announces that your family would be better off (especially your children) if you had no guns at all in your house. You leave the doctor’s […]

Your Doctor and Your Guns

[Ed: Dr. Edeen delivered this address (as “Education not Intimidation”) at Florida Carry’s  3rd Annual Camping Event at Rainbow Springs State Park in Dunnellon, Florida on February 8, 2020. We hope to obtain video and post it on our DRGO YouTube channel, too. Slightly edited for clarity.] What do you do when your doctor asks if […]

DRGO Letter to Virginia Physicians

Ed: This letter is going out from DRGO to physicians all across Virginia.Many of us are fed up and angry with the way our profession has lined up behind the irrational, unconstitutional bleating of hoplophobic authoritarians. Virginia is now the flash point. We, like pro-2A organizations across the country, are working closely with the Virginia […] Will Connect Patients with Gun-Friendly Providers

Patients want to trust their provider to not make mistakes and to not lie to them. Unfortunately, when it comes to guns, medical organizations have not been living up to that expectation. Medical associations have been insinuating an anti-gun political agenda into the patient-doctor relationship for decades. Patients are routinely being asked about gun ownership. […]

23 Years of Accomplishment: Tim Wheeler, MD and DRGO

[Editor’s note: This is the third of four presentations DRGO leadership gave at this weekend’s 31st annual Gun Rights Policy Conference hosted by the Second Amendment Foundation in Tampa. See the video, beginning at 9:25:58.] Nearly a quarter century ago, a young surgeon (well, young by physician standards) discovered that firearm ownership was becoming vilified […]

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