Happy Thanksgiving!

DRGO Leadership Team
On this most American of holidays, Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership wishes all our members, followers, fans, readers and opponents a joyful day spent with family and dear friends with whom you may savor your bounty, peace and freedoms this country offers. We won't urge you to proselytize or politicize, as some have suggested, but should the conversation turn in that direction, DRGO has plenty of resources to help you make your point. Happy Thanksgiving!

We Trust Doctors with Our Lives, Why Don’t We Trust Them with Guns?

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One billion times a year, you trust us with your general health.  You trust us to care for you, your family and friends 168 million days a year in hospitals across this great nation.  You even trust us to care for your children in 6.3 million hospital stays per year. Yes, the general public, we as Americans, trust our doctors and other health care workers with our lives, every day.  Wouldn’t we then trust those same doctors to defend against deadly violence in a hospital?  Yet the vast ma...

Should Doctors Be Allowed to Carry Concealed at Work?

[Editor's Note: Originally published on KevinMD.com on October 24, 2015 and republished here with the author's permission.]  One word: gun. That is all it takes to spark a debate between two very different camps. One end of the spectrum feels guns are an evil haunting the nation by their mere existence, and they need to be dealt with by restricting (or even eliminating) everyone’s ability to possess them. The other end believes it is a core right to keep and use firearms for sport, person...

No Place is Safe

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Europe is under attack again.  Islamic State (ISIS) militants have claimed responsibility for Friday’s coordinated deadly attack in the heart of Paris, with the toll from automatic weapons fire and explosives currently at 132 dead and 349 wounded.  The attacks were stopped by French security forces and notably, by no one else. Security experts had warned of such attacks on the continent since the similar Madrid train bombings in 2004, which claimed 191 lives.  The world has endured such t...