WeakNews from Newsweek About ‘Gun Violence’

A lady of my acquaintance, who is a certified left coaster, triumphantly brought me a copy of a recent Newsweek magazine article celebrating the fact that California now has the strongest anti-gun laws in the country. In this article, California was favorably compared to Mississippi which was castigated as having the weakest anti-gun laws. This […]

Lone Ranger Arrested in California!

The Lone Ranger was arrested in Lone Pine, California today for the crime of illegally transferring silver bullets.  The famed masked man had just apprehended an armed felon after shooting the gun out of his hand.  As was his practice for the last eighty years, he gave a silver bullet to the outlaw’s victim. She […]

Blank Minds Mutter: The Death of Deliberation

The United States Congress has been described as the “greatest deliberative body in the world”.  What does that mean?  To be deliberative, our representatives must follow certain procedures: Participants all have complete and accurate data. All views held by the public are considered. Participants sincerely weigh all arguments. Positions are taken based on evidence, not […]

Gavin’s Gun Grab’s Not a Given

Attention Californians!  Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom wants to eliminate your right to self-defense.  His legislation will eventually end your right to own a firearm in the Golden State. Newsom believes that just owning a gun means an undue interest in “massacres and hate”.  Now, being a clever fellow, he’ll stop short of trying to ban […]

Guns and Glory

My name is Justice, and I am the Angel of Implementation.  How can I best describe my job to you?   When the Creator gives an order, I’m the one that gets it done.  Let’s just say that, up here, I’m the “Go To Guy”. My latest assignment began in a most peculiar way.  One morning, […]

They’re Coming for Your Keys

[Editor’s note: Dr. Schwam is DRGO’s newest writer, with an unconventional take on Second Amendment issues.  Here’s an example.]  We feared it was going to happen. And guess what? It did. Today, July 14, 2026, on the tenth anniversary of the Nice, France, truck rampage, the President made a stunning announcement.  Henceforth, the private ownership […]