DRGO Update for May 15, 2017

A message from DRGO:
Apologies for the delay from the biweekly Update we intended to distribute. The anticipation and then experience of the NRA Annual Meeting was just too exciting.

I’m sure that was true for most of the 80,000 plus people there, many of whom it seemed Dr. Edeen and I met, gladly. We’re back on track now (I think).

We welcome any inquiries about our area of expertise.  This includes medical and health aspects of shooting and gun rights, and supposed “public health policy” that limits law-abiding citizens in the exercise of our Second Amendment.  That’s all with emphasis on Responsible gun use.

If you have a question, an idea we might cover or would like to write a piece for us to publish, please contact me.  Please join DRGO if you support our mission–it’s just $35, or free if you can’t afford that.  We are all volunteers and revenue just goes toward expenses.

We are always available for interviews, in print, radio, TV–whatever is needed. Please contact our Project Director, Arthur Przebinda, MD to make arrangements with any of our team.

And to highlight this time all the ways you can keep up with us (easier than our keeping up with all this, believe me), please remember to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and to check out our new YouTube channel for our many media appearances.

We’re always happy to hear from you, at info@DRGO.us.  Do right, be safe and stay well!

Robert B Young, MDRobert B. Young, MD
Executive Editor,
Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership.



Our highlight last month (and 81,000+ others’) was attending the NRA Annual Meeting April 30 through May 2 in Atlanta.  Our report is in Doctors’ Notes from the NRA, dated May 2. This was an overwhelming, spirited collection of people that can recharge even the most jaded 2A advocate. We weren’t jaded, but we came back more ready to rumble than ever.

You’ll find the energetic Dr. Edeen’s many media appearances below, along with one or two things from Dr. Young and a number of our colleagues.  We hope you enjoyed following these pilgrims’ progress through the convention as we glad-handed more 2A celebrities than we could count. It is a wonder, in the best sense, how interested and invested many are, and how approachable. If you’re in this fight, your always glad to get to know who has your back.  We do.

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For editorial and publication inquiries, contact Robert B. Young, MD, DRGO Executive Editor: info@DRGO.us


New articles:

We reviewed a new book

“Safety-On: An introduction to the world of firearms for children”, April 25, is a book written by Yehuda Remer that is written in a manner easy to understand for most young readers, always underlining the critical safety rules. He hopes it will fill a gap in introducing children to firearms, responsibly, with parental supervision.  It does, and is “warmly recommended”.

We called out bad, anti-gun (little distinction there) science and politics:

How Often Are “Children” “Injured” by “Guns” in “Canada”?, April 6, by Dr. Young demonstrates a  typical stratagem in anti-gun “research”.  “Very few” is the answer to a question not really posed, since the authors weren’t actually talking about “children”, “injuries”, “guns” or “Canada” as most of us would define them.

Similarly, Dr. Gift’s Guns and Domestic Violence–Surprising Findings, April 11, reveals that another anti-gun study really demonstrates that guns are used very seldom in domestic partner aggression, and that when they are, fright is a much more common result than injury or death.

And Dr. Margulies proposes A New Law for a New Time, May 9. It’s good, clear, no-loophole construction, unlike our unlike our existing codes. Like the Constitution.

We gave good advice on real public health needs:

Practice/Train/Compete–and Repeat, by “Dr. Latebloomer”, April 13, lays out excellent advice for mastering any skill, especially to become prepared should you “find yourself on a two-way range”.

We addressed our profession’s shortcomings and those of the political process:

In Does It Hurt When I Tell You What to Think?, April 4, Dr. Vaughan, takes on the hubris of medical profession leaders who demand that doctors preach on subjects like “gun safety” and now “climate change” that have nothing to do with medical training and practice.

In Coming Out of the Gun Closet?, May 4, ‘Dr. Latebloomer’ articulates some issues that inhibit doctors from being open about their gunpowder-and-projectile interests. She’s not ready yet herself.

We offered historical perspectives:

We were pleased to reprint a piece by Dr. Faria, The Perversion of Science and Medicine (Part IV): The Battle Continues, April 15. He was part of the panel (along with Dr. Wheeler) who in 1996 helped convince the House Committee that banned the CDC from spending money to propagandize against gun ownership.

Dr. Schwam showed in A Lesson from the Bronx Zoo, April 27, that we aren’t as different from our animal avatars as we think.  They defend themselves too.  Denied teeth and claws, we have used our tool-making gifts instead.

We discussed ethical aspects of firearm use:

Dr. Schwam points out the amoral nature of the tool in Firearms: Good or Evil?, April 18, which gains moral impact from the actions of the person using it.

And in High Noon, May 11, Dr. Schwam concludes with a meditation on how our labeling of time sheds light on the importance of action at the right moment.


Media appearances and other activity:

Dr. Young spoke with Cam Edwards about the Canadian Medical Association Journal article “Risk of firearms injuries among children and youth of immigrant families.” The study, analyzed April 6 in How Often Are “Children” “Injured” by “Guns” in “Canada”?, misuses language to achieve its intended result: What are “children,” who are “immigrants,” what is meant by “injured” and what are “guns?”. On NRATV’s Cam & Co, April 12. 

Dr. Young discussed DRGO’s White Paper on hearing protection, supporting the Hearing Protection Act (HPA), with Cam Edwards on NRA News Cam & Co., March 28.
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Meanwhile, Dr. Edeen has been extraordinarily active in the media. Here are some of his many recent interviews:

On May 14, Dr. Edeen guested on Charles Heller’s America Armed and Free, discussing DRGO and our White Paper supporting the HPA’s goals.

AWR Hawkins, of Breitbart News, interviewed Dr. Edeen May 8 on Bullets with AWR Hawkins.

Ken Kowalski hosted Dr. Edeen on the May 7 Modern Rifleman Radio podcast, discussing the NRA Meeting, the HPA and DRGO.

Dr. Edeen appeared on Bill Frady’s Lock’N’Load Radio podcast April 21 to point out the biases inherent in The Trace’s article A Majority Of Americans Oppose Carrying Guns In Public.

On April 8, Dr. Edeen discussed DRGO’s White Paper supporting the HPA on Arms Room Radio.

Dr. Edeen joined Mark Walters on Armed American Radio on April 2, discussing DRGO’s White Paper on hearing protection and the HPA.

For an April 2nd two-fer, Dr. Edeen also appeared on Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk podcast about DRGO’s White Paper advocating for suppressor delisting.

On March 31, Dr. Edeen co-hosted Bill Frady’s Lock’N’Load Radio podcast, discussing DRGO’s White Paper supporting ready accessibility of suppressors for shooters and his continuing efforts to educate health care facilities on their need for self-protection by staff carry.  They discussed the Kabul hospital attack during the last hour.

Mark Walters of Armed American Radio had Dr. Edeen on March 12 for two segments.

Dr. Edeen joined Cheryl & Dan Todd March 4 on GunFreedomRadio, discussing the need for hospitals to stop advertising their vulnerability as “gun-free zones” and to begin allowing armed, trained staff to carry.

On February 25, Dr. Edeen sat in on ArmsRoomRadio with Mike, Earl, Kevin, to discuss the Florida Firearms Owner Privacy Act’s voiding by the 11th Circuit Court and about red dot pistol technique.



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