Police Social Workers: An Insider’s View (Part 3)

There are two more ways that social workers and other mental health professionals can assist police officers and their departments:  Community Mental Health Liaisons “The Community Mental Health Liaison (CMHL) program is part of the Strengthening Mental Health Initiative. Thirty-one CMHLs work across the state [Missouri] to assist law enforcement and courts.  The goal is to […]

Police Social Work: An Insider’s View (Part 2)

There are four ways that social workers and other mental health professionals have been helping police officers/departments for a long time.  [Ed: Part 1 can be found here.] This article will explore two methods. Crisis Intervention Training (CIT)  Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training, developed in Memphis TN, provides a model of specialized law enforcement expertise. […]

Police Social Work: An Insider’s View (Part 1)

[Ed: Given the talk about replacing some functions of police with social work interventions, DRGO turned to our expert on the subject, Warren Lind, LCSW.] One of the many suggestions (or demands) coming out of the current political upheaval is to put more social workers in police departments.  In my long career in social work […]

The Violent Spirit of St. Louis

On Friday, December 13 (how ironic), the mayor of St. Louis signed a bill into law which bans all firearms in the 110 city-owned parks, athletic fields and recreation facilities.  I am certain that felons-with-guns are shaking in their boots.  “It’s another tool to help police keep our playground and recreation facilities safe,” said Jacob […]

Murder by Fire

[Ed: The little reported deaths of 8 children in a knife attack in China this week recall the horrendous 2016 Sagamahira stabbings in Japan that left 19 dead & 26 wounded. Both remind us that guns are not the (only) issue. Warren Lind shares another gruesome narrative.] “KYOTO, Japan, July 19 — A man screaming […]

Does the Secret Service Know Something We Should?

On this July 9th the U.S. Secret Service released a report on mass attacks.  Here are the key findings, followed by my analysis: One-third of the attackers who terrorized schools, houses of worship or businesses nationwide last year had a history of serious domestic violence, two-thirds had mental health issues, and nearly all had made […]

Beware the Blade

Approximately 30 percent of all U.S. homes have at least one firearm. But there is another weapon that is in 100 percent of all homes: bladed weapons.  Knives are the most common, but this also includes hatchets, axes, swords, kukris, machetes, tomahawks, spears and the list goes on and on. It is unlikely that the […]

Impact Weapons: An Overlooked Defensive Tool

[Ed:  This is the author’s update of a longer paper on impact weapons he originally wrote in 1994. Nothing in this article should be construed as giving legal advice. Please check your state’s statues, and consult with the police and/or an attorney. The author’s personal recommendations do not constitute DRGO’s—but they are well worth considering.] […]