California should stop defying SCOTUS

[Ed: This was first published in The Orange County Register January 25.] The new year saw the customary barrage of new California gun control laws. The most appalling is Sen. Anthony Portantino’s Senate Bill 2, a rebellious reaction to last year’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling NYSRPA v. Bruen. SB 2 has nothing to do with […]

The Cost of Doing Something

[Ed: Dr. Wheeler originally published this on American Greatness June 11.] The failures of the same old gun control laws should warn us away from the easy route of penalizing virtually all American gun owners who will never commit a crime with their guns. “Do something!” begged the crowd gathered before Joe Biden last week […]

The CDC’s Forever War on Gun Owners

[Ed: This is the full text of the piece Drs. Faria & Wheeler published in the Washington Examiner September 9.] Twenty-five years ago, Congress reprimanded the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for its political advocacy of gun control. Now, President Joe Biden’s CDC Director Rochelle Walensky is planning a new round of activism against […]

Woke Neurosurgery?

[Ed: Dr. Wheeler originally published this at American Greatness July 20.] As a general surgery intern rotating through the university hospital neurosurgery service, I was immersed in learning all day and frequently all night. There was so much to learn, and my Socratic chief resident often reminded me, “that’s why the program is so long.” […]

Doctors: #StayInYourLane

[Ed: Southern Illinois University School of Medicine physician Richard Austin, MD published an attack on the National Rifle Association in the school’s quarterly alumnus magazine (Aspects). Dr. Wheeler, a graduate of the school’s first class and DRGO’s Director Emeritus, wrote this rebuttal (in “Letters to the Editor”), for the Summer/Fall 2019 issue. He urges SIU-Med to […]

Why Does Organized Medicine Hate Guns?

[Ed: This essay was first published on’s op-(m)ed page,  a physicians’ interaction site.] Why does organized medicine abhor gun ownership?  Why has the public health community waged a culture war on this foundational American tradition for nearly three decades now? “Guns are a virus that must be eliminated”, preached pediatrician Katherine Christoffel, one of […]