The Bill for Our Rights

[Ed: We have published this piece annually since 2015 for Bill of Rights Day each December 15. The  Bill’s Second Amendment is the reason for our being, in more ways than one.] On Saturday we all should have been jubilantly celebrating the 226th anniversary of the ratification of the Bill of Rights, the original 10 […]

Case Closed: Kleck is Still Correct

In April, we wrote about the unpublished Centers for Disease Control survey from 1996-1998 that evidently confirmed the findings of Gary Kleck, PhD and Marc Gertz, PhD from 1992 that there were likely about 2.4 million civilian defensive gun uses (DGUs) each year in the United States. Dr. Kleck discovered that CDC data last fall […]

The Death of Gun Control?

In less than 48 hours last week we saw the beginning of the end for gun control.  They were very different events, and will affect the right to keep and bear arms in very different ways, through very different routes. But for all their differences, together they may definitively mark the moment when unlawful infringement […]

‘MedPage Today’ Reverts to Orthodox Anti-Gunism

[Ed: These emails document our attempt to build on the relationship we had with MedPage Today after their change of editorship. Judging by the absence of response for well over a month, our relationship has apparently ended. That’s too bad, because MedPage Today previously sought and published our views. Sadly, it may now be just […]

The AMA’s Lying ‘Ayes’

Yesterday, the American Medical Association’s House of Delegates passed anti-liberty resolutions surpassing what we anticipated just two weeks ago as we covered its planning. You can read about it on AMA Wire and MedPage Today, outlets that uncritically regard the AMA as the fount of all medical correctness. Even the Associated Press wrote that the […]

Guns Save Lives (and Money)

[Ed: After posting, we learned that Dr. Kleck is revisiting the CDC data. Its surveys were apparently done in only 15 states, with about a quarter of the U.S. population then. These did give  a mix of rural and urban, gun friendly and unfriendly. So they still support Kleck’s findings, but upon Dr. Kleck publishing […]

The AMA versus Americans

The AMA just announced that it will make an “unprecedented” push for more gun control laws through resolutions presented at its House of Delegates at its next annual meeting June 9-13. This is not really unprecedented, as the AMA has been advocating anti-gun measures for three decades now, along with many co-conspirator specialty associations. But […]

Case Closed: Kleck Was Correct

HUGE news broke at the end of last week. Gary Kleck, PhD, the David J. Bordua Emeritus Professor of Criminology at Florida State University, published a new paper:  “What Do CDC’s Surveys Say About the Frequency of Defensive Gun Uses?” The heart of the matter is that Dr. Kleck and co-author Marc Gertz, PhD were […]