Guns and Freedom: Part 2 — Historical Vignettes on Civilian Disarmament [excerpt]

[Editor: DRGO presents this excerpt from a series by Dr. Faria in Hacienda Publishing, 2012, to illustrate the tyranny that firearm registration invites.  In this case, in Cuba, as appropriate recognition of the long overdue death of Fidel Castro November 24.] DATELINE: Havana, Cuba, 1959 And here is a story with which I am intimately […]

The AMA, Ethics and Gun Control (Part II)

[Ed: This is the second part of Dr. Faria’s series, originally published at on May 15, 2001. The double-standard held by the AMA and its organs about using its position “for political purposes” is remarkable. See Part I here.] I was struck one particular morning when I heard on the radio on January 15, […]

The AMA, Ethics and Gun Control (Part I)

[Ed:  Dr. Faria originally published this two part article at on May 3, 2001.  We felt it well worth reprinting.  The story is 15 years old, but the plot is the same in 2016, only more so, with the AMA’s recent decision to increase its gun control advocacy.  Part II will follow.] The AMA […]

Statistical Malpractice: The Standard in Anti-Gun “Research”—Part 1

[Editor’s Note: The following article by our colleague Dr. Miguel Faria is his classic discussion of Statistical Malpractice — ‘Firearm Availability’ and Violence (Part I): Politics or Science? as it was originally titled in the Medical Sentinel (2002;7(4):132-133).  It remains a timely reminder of the unending games played by researchers with agendas, and is republished here […]

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