Mail-In Ballots & Dangerous Myths the Media Spreads


[Ed: Economist John Lott, Jr., Ph.D. does the soundest fundamental research on gun control in the business, far better than the “public health” research DRGO routinely critiques. This is his latest (August 8) biweekly or so report on his work and appearances that he sends to subscribers. It’s well worth a spot in our post rotation, and it’s well worth your subscribing and donating to his non-profit Crime Prevention Research Center.]

This past week we released a new study showing that most countries ban mail-in ballots for citizens living in their countries and that even most of those that do allow mail-in ballots require Photo-IDs to obtain them. You can download a copy of the study here, and I think that you will be impressed by how much work our team lead by Margarita Masiukova-Robl put into collecting this information. The study got a very large news story at Fox Newsand I published an op-ed on it at Newsweek.

Other op-eds that I have written include another piece at Newsweek on the New York Attorney Generals’ abusive lawsuit against the NRA, how gun control activists are now also pushing to defund the police, and also how Michael Bloomberg uses his media outlet The Trace to push gun control articles in the rest of the media.

An op-ed that I had at Real Clear Politicssummarized five of the three dozen gun control myths that I discuss in my new book with that name. I think that you will find it particularly well written. I have also done 65 interviews in the last two weeks that have primarily focused on the book. On Friday, I was on the Sean Hannity radio show for an hour, which has an audience of 13.5 million people, but I haven’t had a chance to put that interview up yet. I also spent 3 hours on George Noory’s Coast-to-Coast AM,which has 9 million listeners. Out of all the recent interviews that I have done, I thought that the ones that I did on KABC in Los Angelesand WMAL in Washington, DCwent particularly well.

I did several television news appearances on NewsMax TV, the videos for two are linked below.

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New Research

Original Research: Why Do Most Countries Ban Mail-In Ballots?: They Have Seen Massive Vote Fraud Problems



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Radio interviews/Podcasts

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On NewsMaxTV: How Democrats Are Refusing To Prosecute Rioters But Charging Those Who Try To Defend Themselves


News on the CPRC

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