Official DRGO Statement Regarding the en banc 11th Circuit Court Wollschlaeger (FOPA) Decision

DRGO is very concerned about this decision.

Disregarding the amicus brief in which DRGO, SAF, and CCRKBA pointed out the applicability of the Gentile Balancing Test to this case, the court arrived at a ruling which allows doctors to say whatever they please about firearms. When professional medical organizations are on record saying their aims are to reduce firearms ownership, we cannot trust their guidance to be objective or impartial.

The ruling gives uninformed, anti-gun doctors legal cover to abuse the doctor-patient relationship. It allows doctors to badger and misinform patients while claiming to be supported by “research” (much of which is bogus and long-debunked) thereby influencing the exercise of Second Amendment rights by potentially thousands of individuals and inappropriately swaying public opinion.

A multitude of doctors engaging in such disinformation is tantamount to nation-wide subversion of a fundamental and Constitutionally-protected right.