DRGO Newsletter for February 6, 2017

This update is organized by theme, due to so much to cover. Perhaps to be continued if it seems useful.  And more often.


First of all, apologies for being out of touch since September 9. No excuses, just so much to do as we work hard to improve and grow DRGO (alongside our clinical practices). Sharing what we are doing with you is just as important as doing it.

New articles:

We reviewed an important new book:
Dr. Wheeler in Waiting Your Turn (September 8) discussed Surviving a Mass Killer Rampage, by Chris Bird, which includes information provided by DRGO.

We called out bad, anti-gun (little distinction there) science and politics:
The ‘Sandwich Method’ of Gun-Control Journalism by Dr. Wheeler (September 20)
The Truth About Florida’s Firearm Owners’ Privacy Act by Dr. Przebinda (September 22)
The Gun Survey That Dare Not Speak Its Name by Dr. Gift (October 20)
Toddlers, Guns and Passion Politics by ‘Dr. Latebloomer’ (October 25)
Dr. Margulies Mentors the American College of Emergency Physicians–Part 2 by Drs. Margulies & Young (November 8)
Dr. Margulies Mentors the American College of Emergency Physicians–Part 3 by Dr. Margulies (November 9)
Snopes Labels Mauser and Kates’ Classic Work “Urban Myth” by Dr. Mauser (December 130
Dr. Mauser Gives Snopes a Chance by Dr. Mauser (December 15)
BMJ and Bindu Kalesan: A Match Made in Hoplophobe Heaven by Dr. Wheeler (December 20)
Bindu Kalesan Should Be Fired by Dr. Wheeler (December 22)
How to Prevent Gun Deaths: “Experts” Don’t Agree by Dr. Young (January 11)
Weak News from Newsweek About Gun Violence by Dr. Schwam (January 9)
JAMA Internal Medicine January 2017: The Unbearable Lightness of Anti-Gun “Research”, Part 1 (January 31) and Part 2 (February 2) by Dr. Young

–-particularly in California:
Gavin’s Gun Grab’s Not A Given by Dr. Schwam (September 13)
Active Shooter Seminar: Jihad Comes to the Inland Empire by Dr. Wheeler (October 13)
Inland Empire Doctors Treat a Civil Right as a Public Health Problem by Dr. Wheeler (November 1)
Bigotry in the San Bernardino Medical Society by Dr. Wheeler (November 17)

We gave good advice on real public health needs:
Suppressors: A True Public Health Issue by Dr. Vaughan (December 29)
Common Sense About Gun Laws by Dr. Vaughan (January 17)
Safe Storage Options for New (and Not So New) Gun Owners by ‘Dr. Latebloomer’ (October 27)
An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Bullets by Dr. Vaughan (October 6)

We advocated for due process and the rights of those with mental illnesses:
Donna, Get Your Guns! by Dr. Young (January 3)
Debunking Suicide “Research” by Public Health Activists by Dr. Mauser (October 4)

We presented at this fall’s annual Gun Rights Policy Conference in Tampa:
Dr. Brodale on The Medical Establishment’s War On Guns: From Kellerman On (September 27)
Dr. Edeen on Hospitals: Gun-Free Terrorist Targets, from his USCCA Magazine article (September 28)
Dr. Young on 23 Years of Accomplishment: Tim Wheeler, MD and DRGO(September 29)
and Dr. Wheeler on DRGO: The Future as he retired December 31 (September 30)

We addressed our profession’s shortcomings and those of the political process:
Docs, Glocks & Rocket Jocks by Dr. Vaughan (September 15)
Blank Minds Mutter: The Death of Deliberation by Dr. Schwam (October 11)
The Vaccine “Loophole” and Other Myths by Dr. Vaughan (October 18)
People…Can We All Get Along? – The “Known Unkowns” About Guns by ‘Dr. Latebloomer’ (December 27)
Credts Where Credits Are Due by ‘Dr. Latebloomer’ (January 5)
Join the Resistance! by ‘Dr. Latebloomer’ (January 19)

We offered historical perspectives:
The Ten Commandments of The Second Amendment by Dr. Young (November 15)
Guns and Freedom: Historical Vignettes on Civilian Disarmament [excerpt] by Dr. Faria (November 29)
Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Line of Fire by Dr. Vaughan (December 1)
American Naïveté: “If you have nothing to hide . . .” (Part 1) & (Part 2) by Dr. Faria (December 6 & 8)

And some amusement, with a point:
Lone Ranger Arrested in California! by Dr. Schwam (November 22)
Markswomen, Get Your Guns! by Dr. Schwam (January 24)
Weena, Weenies, and Morlocks by Dr. Schwam (January 26)

Media appearances and other activity:
Among others, Dr. Young was interviewed on the effects (or lack of) on firearm and homicide rates from the Stand Your Ground law in Florida on Cam & Co. (January 9).


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