DRGO Newsletter for February 20, 2016

Wish us well.  We are going to attempt an Update more often, hoping every 2 weeks–weather, medical work, and God or your own conception of Whomever willing.We will also continue organizing items by theme and compiling them here.  The response to these changes was, if not overwhelming, uniformly positive.

New articles:

We reported news:
SHOT Showcased 2/9/17 by ‘Dr. Latebloomer’, making us jealous of her trip to SHOT Show, enjoying the personal touch of numerous small manufacturers, and coming home knowing about more gun safety programs that pediatricians ought to support.

We called out our professions’ predominant anti-gun bias:
A Call to Arms 2/14/17 by Dr. Brodale: “The medical establishment has taken up arms against our right to bear arms . . . It takes other physicians to speak out against them”.

We offered historical perspective:
Bullets, Bagels, and Bearing Arms 2/16/17 by Dr. Wheeler, at LAX Range for the Bullets & Bagels Club, describing the events that led him to form DRGO and why it remains so important.

— and we hope we provided some amusement, with a point:
The Transformation 2/7/17 by Dr. Schwam, with apologies to Franz Kafka, suggests that truly experiencing feeling defenseless could change anyone’s mind about gun control.


Media appearances and other activity: 

Dr. Young discussed the Hearing Protection Act on NRA News Cam & Co., 2/9/17, and what an important public health intervention like this really means.

Dr. Young was also quoted in What Doctors Think About Guns Firsthand in Dr. Oz The Good Life magazine. Although the October interview date did not make this a timely piece, it did show more varied opinions about ‘gun violence’ in the medical profession than is usually reported.



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