Dr. Edeen Tells Texas to Keep Its Children Well

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(from buckeyefirearm.org) [Ed: DRGO's Dr. John Edeen delivered this testimony on June 23 to the Texas legislature's Committee on Homeland Security and Public Safety strongly advocating effective school protection of our children, which is DRGO's long-held position.] Thank you, Chairman White, for inviting me to give my testimony today. My name is John Edeen, MD.  I am a pediatric orthopedic surgeon who has practiced in San Antonio for almost 25 years. I am a Navy veteran and a firea...

New York’s Autocratic Backlash to Bruen

(from mslegal.com) [Ed: This was first published July 19 in SCOPE-NY's 'Briefings' as "New York -- New York Laws." These provisions are surely unconstitutional but that's beside the point to New York's all Democrat government.] In three 2nd Amendment cases (D.C. v Heller, McDonald v Chicago, NYSRPA v Bruen) the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) has repeatedly stated that the purpose of the 2nd Amendment is self-defense.  In her abyss of wisdom, unelected Governor Kathy Hochul disagreed with SCOTU...

Only You Can Prevent Gun Fire

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While dining at El Sombrero this evening I was surprised to see a Public Service Announcement on the TV displaying the character Smokey the Bear with the caption: “Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires”.  I recall the impact that ad had on me as a child in my long-past and misspent youth.  The PSA startled me because El Sombrero is 900 miles south of the Texas border.  I wasn’t expecting to see him here.  The shock piqued my inner adman. It struck me that that m...

Caring for the Faithful

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(from jwecc.com) [Ed: We are delighted to welcome new author Dr. Bruce Noonan, who acts on his conviction that people deserve to worship in sanctity securely.] Our institutions, formerly relatively safe, are under attack.  School shootings; a recent murder attempt against a sitting Supreme Court Justice; and attacks on places of worship appear in the news in alarming numbers.  The disgruntled, the mentally ill, or politically motivated individuals transform into would-be assass...

Our Declaration of Independence

[Ed: There’s no better way to mark July 4th than to read our country’s Declaration of Independence. The original orthography is retained, but the specific complaints about King George and Parliament’s abuses are edited out in order to focus on the principles that applied then, do now, and always will. Reposted since 2019.] . . . In CONGRESS, July 4, 1776. The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America.  When in the Course of human events, it become...

The Cost of Doing Something

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(from knowyourmeme.com) [Ed: Dr. Wheeler originally published this on American Greatness June 11.] The failures of the same old gun control laws should warn us away from the easy route of penalizing virtually all American gun owners who will never commit a crime with their guns. “Do something!” begged the crowd gathered before Joe Biden last week in Uvalde, Texas. And who could blame them? Racked with sorrow and fury at the massacre of 19 elementary school children and two of their tea...

Mass Shooters Inspired by Hatred & the Politics of the Left

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(from fbi.gov) [Ed: Dr. Faria originally published this at Hacienda Publishing June 6. It is more partisan than most of what we publish, but well-founded. Minimally edited for DRGO.] We could say that all mass shootings are inspired by hatred. But many are carried out by deranged individuals, susceptible to violence and possessing no clear and distinct political or religious motives. These disturbed, mentally unstable people are unhinged by the strain of the postmodern age and what they s...

Gun Facts 101: An Epidemic Of Murder?

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(from LNN-GettyImages.com) [Ed: This was first published by James Fite on Liberty Nation News May 21. Used with permission. I'd probably have said "progressives" rather than "Democrats" because some Democrats still think rationally about guns. ] The political left loves to paint gun violence as a public health crisis – an epidemic, according to the Biden administration – but is that justified? A look at the numbers as they relate to the rest of America’s problems shows the “epidemic...