Can We Trust the Experts?

[Ed: This first appeared July 26 on] Experts have squandered their credibility in recent public failures. The repeated misjudgments by public health experts over the past year have demonstrated that they didn’t know how to deal with the pandemic. Claiming their decisions were “backed by science,” public health experts recommended a bewildering maze of contradictory rules about masks, and closures […]

British Columbia’s ‘Firearm Violence Prevention Act’ is a Bait-and-Switch Ploy

[Ed: Another piece by our Simon Fraser University expert, Professor Gary Mauser, demonstrating that Canadian gun owners are afflicted at least as much by ignorant, destructive legislation as are Americans. He first published this May 13 on his website, Justice for Gun Owners. Minimally edited for DRGO (but not the amusing Brit variant spellings). British […]

The New Zealand Royal Commission Undermines NZ’s New Gun Laws

[Ed: Our esteemed Northern colleague, distinguished researcher Gary Mauser, PhD, graciously offered for DRGO to publish his newest work. We believe the American government would also do well to learn from New Zealand’s experience.] In their December report about the 2019 terrorist attack in Christchurch, the findings of the New Zealand Royal Commission critically undermined […]

The Latest “Gun Violence Crisis” in Canada

[Ed: This introduces new contributor and gun rights advocate, Vincent Harinam, who co-authored the piece with the eminent Gary Mause, PhD. Mr. Hariman’s picture is forthcoming. Meanwhile, Ed: takes no responsibility for the promiscuous use of “c” in place of the perfectly serviceable “s”–Loyalist behavior persists.] Recent public shootings – one in Toronto in July […]

Rural Canada: Do more guns mean more crime?

[From our Canadian correspondent, Gary Mauser PhD. This was first posted at Justice For Gun Owners December 5.] Rural Canada is “gun country.” But do more guns mean more crime? In 2017 StatsCan reported that both violent crime and property crime rates were higher in rural Canada than in bigger Canadian cities. If guns make people […]

Should Lead-Core Bullets Be Banned?

Ed: An earlier version of this article appeared in the September/October issue of the Canadian Firearms Journal. Also see Dr. Mauser’s August 2 DRGO article How Dangerous, Really, Is Lead Ammunition?] The campaign to ban lead ammunition for hunting is based on the far-reaching claim that there are no known safe blood lead levels (BLLs) […]

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— Dr. Sean Brodale is a family practitioner & emergency physician in Iowa. He is pursuing the right to carry in hospitals for eligible medical personnel. At DRGO he is involved in membership and public engagement projects. All DRGO articles by Sean Brodale, DO —Dr. Michael S. Brown is a pragmatic Libertarian environmentalist who has […]