Why I Got the Vaccine

[Ed: We at DRGO are physicians first and civil rights activists (a very close) second. Vaccination against disease is one of the great triumphs of public health. We are 100% behind the campaign to immunize against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). That, along with all those recovered from the illness, will lead to population immunity, ending this terrible […]

A Mask is Like a Concealed-Carry Firearm

[Ed: Our erstwhile contributor ‘Dr. Latebloomer’ now writes mostly for GATDaily, but we still like occasionally to steal and read her stuff (with permission). Here is a timely nugget relating to DRGO’s advocacy of COVID prevention as much as to the Second Amendment and responsible carry, first published there May 14, 2020.] Remember my post […]

Adult Tourniquets for Kids

[Ed: DRGO’s ‘Dr. Latebloomer’ originally published this July 17 at GATdaily.com.] A recent article published in the June issue of the journal Pediatrics, indicates that Adult Combat Application Tourniquets (CAT) are effective for use in school-age children. I don’t follow the pediatric trauma literature because I’m in general office care, so this was news to me. It seems […]

Pool Control

[Ed: DRGO’s ‘Dr. Latebloomer’ originally published this June 25 at GATdaily.com.] In the news recently, was another celebrity toddler drowning. As horrible as that is, this tragedy was one of over 3500 unintentional drownings that occur yearly in the U.S. , not counting boating accidents. Skier Bode Miller‘s family experienced a similar heartache just last year.

Office SHTF Gun–Thinking the Unthinkable

[Ed: DRGO’s ‘Dr. Latebloomer’ originally published this May 15 at GATdaily.com.] Some gun colleagues and I were having a conversation recently and someone mentioned a “SHTF Office Gun”.  I remember laughing to myself, saying something like – sheesh, can you imagine a Pediatric Office SHTF Gun? That would go over like a lead balloon (no pun […]

The AAP’s Mission Creep

[Ed: Mission creep has been defined as “taking a group away from its original goals and objectives through expansion.”] As has become the norm, I got an email recently from the American Academy of Pediatrics making a “statement” about the California synagogue shooting. That letter from the AAP President can be found here.

The AAP’s “Periodic Survey”

I recently received a letter from the American Academy of Pediatrics, requesting my participation in one of their surveys about three issues – Suicide Prevention, Maintenance of certification, and the topic I particularly want to discuss—“Firearm Injury Prevention”. The letter and survey were accompanied by a 2-dollar bill as a “token of appreciation”.