Adult Tourniquets for Kids

[Ed: DRGO’s ‘Dr. Latebloomer’ originally published this July 17 at] A recent article published in the June issue of the journal Pediatrics, indicates that Adult Combat Application Tourniquets (CAT) are effective for use in school-age children. I don’t follow the pediatric trauma literature because I’m in general office care, so this was news to me. It seems […]

Pool Control

[Ed: DRGO’s ‘Dr. Latebloomer’ originally published this June 25 at] In the news recently, was another celebrity toddler drowning. As horrible as that is, this tragedy was one of over 3500 unintentional drownings that occur yearly in the U.S. , not counting boating accidents. Skier Bode Miller‘s family experienced a similar heartache just last year.

Office SHTF Gun–Thinking the Unthinkable

[Ed: DRGO’s ‘Dr. Latebloomer’ originally published this May 15 at] Some gun colleagues and I were having a conversation recently and someone mentioned a “SHTF Office Gun”.  I remember laughing to myself, saying something like – sheesh, can you imagine a Pediatric Office SHTF Gun? That would go over like a lead balloon (no pun […]

The AAP’s Mission Creep

[Ed: Mission creep has been defined as “taking a group away from its original goals and objectives through expansion.”] As has become the norm, I got an email recently from the American Academy of Pediatrics making a “statement” about the California synagogue shooting. That letter from the AAP President can be found here.

The AAP’s “Periodic Survey”

I recently received a letter from the American Academy of Pediatrics, requesting my participation in one of their surveys about three issues – Suicide Prevention, Maintenance of certification, and the topic I particularly want to discuss—“Firearm Injury Prevention”. The letter and survey were accompanied by a 2-dollar bill as a “token of appreciation”.

SHOT Show Range Day 2019

[Ed: Here’s a glimpse at this year’s awesome SHOT Show in Las Vegas this week. Again, we appreciate GATdaily for sharing. It’s the newest, greatest shooting life stuff, without the politics. For more, check out SHOT Show News & TV .] SHOT RANGE DAY is the day we wait for every year – the day that those of us who type for […]

Peak Felony

[Ed: Reprinted with permission from GATDaily, this is an apt followup to Dr. Latebloomer’s pice on patriotic civil disobedience to laws outlawing possession of common firearms and accessories.] On Thursday [January 10], to the surprise of no one, Dianne Feinstein, the one trick pony of California politics, introduced her new Assault Weapons Ban. This, while two different […]