Preventing the Unthinkable


DRGO’s Dr.  John Edeen penned an article just published in his local San Antonio Medicine.

Dr.  Edeen is active in seeking a change in Texas hospitals’ policies on medical staff ability to defend themselves.

In his article, Dr. Edeen walks us through the five stages of planning and executing a Rapid Mass Murder (RMM), giving a frank report of typical duration as well death tolls depending on whether an intervention originates inside or outside the site of the RMM.

In examining the obligations health care providers have to their patients and the choices some people may make in the face of an RMM, Dr. Eedeen exposes the vulnerability of medical staff resulting from existing Texas legislation.

no guns

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This legislation, and the policies it supports, make hospitals into Gun Free Zones, he points out. They become Free-To-Kill zones for a determined killer. Violation of these policies carries a legal penalty, in Texas.

Calling the current status quo “immoral”, Dr. Edeen concludes that the Catch-22 of disarming staff (who are duty-bound to care for their patients) while not being able to protect  them from people with malicious intent has reasonable solutions.

Read the entire article here.


erdeen—Dr. John Edeen is a pediatric orthopedic surgeon in San Antonio, TX and is active in seeking the right to carry for qualified hospital staff.

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