COVID-19, George Floyd Riots, and the Second Amendment

[Ed: This is published by permission, slightly edited, after its first appearance at Hacienda Publishing on June 10.] The events of the last two or three months have been not only momentous but also perhaps portentous of things to come. In rapid succession COVID-19 and the George Floyd riots have underscored the fact government cannot always be […]

So You Think Tyranny Can’t Happen Here?

Ed: Dr. Faria originally published this May 23 at Hacienda Publishing. It is modestly edited for DRGO.] When discussing government overreach, which continues unimpeded, or the danger of the monopoly of force concentrated in the hands of government by way of law enforcement, especially from federal police, particularly the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms […]

Guns, Women, and the Medical Literature

[Ed: This was originally published October 1, 1994 on Hacienda Publishing. Dr. Faria discusses the breakthrough take-down of Arthur Kellerman’s “seminal research.” [sic] It is still relevant 25 years later as we face even more pseudo-scientific assaults on reason. Women training for self-protection is thankfully becoming widespread. Edited for DRGO in form and length .] […]

Mass Shooters and the Victim Body Count

[Ed: Dr. Faria first published this at August 28 and August 31. It is minimally edited for DRGO.] The mainstream media (MSM) have been sensationalizing mass shootings for the last three decades, reaching a crescendo in the last several months. They sensationalized gun violence as a way to put pressure on and force […]