Review: ‘The AR-15 Controversy’ by Dennis Chapman

Dennis Chapman, an attorney by trade and retired Army infantry colonel who served in Somalia and Iraq, became frustrated by the assumptions activists make about this nearly ideal civilian rifle. He began examining those assumptions, collecting his observations and his findings, intending to write a law review article summarizing them. He did, in the Belmont […]

Our Declaration of Independence

[Ed: There’s no better way to mark July 4th than to read our country’s Declaration of Independence. The original orthography is retained, but the specific complaints about King George and Parliament’s abuses are edited out in order to focus on the principles that applied then, do now, and always will. Reposted since 2019.] In CONGRESS, […]

A Day to Remember

[Ed: First appearing on DRGO 3 years ago, we repost this piece yearly.] Memorial Day has now come for the 54th time since it was officially proclaimed in 1967. It has been kept nationwide, though unofficially, since World War II, and as Decoration Day since 1868.  It was born in spontaneous memorials early during the Civil […]

Review: ‘Freedom Baby ABC’, by ‘Jane Sharpe’

Freedom Baby ABC is a cute little alphabet learner for children just starting to grasp letters. There are hundreds of these out there, and the twist here is that every letter is illustrated by a firearm-related item or concept. DRGO has reviewed and recommended a number of young people’s books that responsibly introduce terminology and […]

Support NY S3196 Legalizing Suppressors

[Ed: A slightly different version of this piece was just published in SCOPE-NY’s March-April 2021 Firing Line newsletter. DRGO strongly favors the hearing health benefits of using suppressors on firearms. The points discussed describe our position on laws everywhere that affect suppressor availability to shooters.] Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership has been working for more […]

The Bill for Our Rights

[Ed: We have published this piece annually since 2015 for Bill of Rights Day each December 15. The  Bill’s Second Amendment is the reason for our being, in more ways than one.] Today we all should be jubilantly celebrating the 229th anniversary of the ratification of the Bill of Rights, the original 10 amendments to the […]

Dr. Michael Siegel & DRGO

This piece is a disappointment. You’ll see. I ran across an interview in late September on RecoilTV by BJ Campbell (also a writer for OpenSourceDefense, which we share on DRGO Facebook weekly). I couldn’t identify its date, but it appeared to be recent. He talked with Michael Siegel, MD, MPH of Boston University’s School of […]