The AMA Goes Full Woke

Health “equity” or health for all? The wokerati, such as the American Medical Association,  would like us to think that it takes the first to achieve the second. In 54 pages of more-than-usually mind-numbing social “sciences” verbology, the AMA has published Advancing Health Equity: A Guide to Language, Narrative and Concepts. To begin with: “By […]

What matters — Patients or Popularity?

There is a constant stream of articles coming from establishment medicine “experts” that denigrate our Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms along with the individual focus our patients deserve in order to be protected from social priorities that would override that. One that’s received a fair amount of press was an op-ed in […]

The Times May Be A-Changin’

Over time, we’ve seen changes in focus by the hoplophobic elements of society. Originally, it was all about banning handguns or at least “Handgun Control Inc.” The “assault weapon”, that is, the AR ban of 1994-2004 followed, with no discernible effect on crime, homicide, etc. Movement mutation continued, with groups dropping wording advocating bans, moving […]

The Bill for Our Rights

[Ed: We have published this piece annually since 2015 for Bill of Rights Day each December 15. The  Bill’s Second Amendment is the reason for our being, in more ways than one.] Today we all should be jubilantly celebrating the 230th anniversary of the ratification of the Bill of Rights, the original 10 amendments to the […]


[Ed: This is essentially the talk Dr. Young provided for the annual Gun Rights Policy Conference (hosted online by the Second Amendment Foundation) and the Defending Freedom Action Summit (held by the Second Amendment Institute in Richmond). Edited for written clarity. The GRPC video is here; the DFAS one will be added.] DRGO is a […]

Review: ‘The AR-15 Controversy’ by Dennis Chapman

Dennis Chapman, an attorney by trade and retired Army infantry colonel who served in Somalia and Iraq, became frustrated by the assumptions activists make about this nearly ideal civilian rifle. He began examining those assumptions, collecting his observations and his findings, intending to write a law review article summarizing them. He did, in the Belmont […]