A Tale of Two Studies

“States with relaxed concealed carry laws see spike in violent crimes.” October 5, 2022 “CDC data shows constitutional carry states have fewer total and gun-related homicides.” October 4, 2022 Huh? Sure, they are talking about somewhat different things (“violent crimes” versus “homicides”) yet these typically track each other. And constitutional carry (no permit required) is […]

A “True Public Health Crisis”?

In a recent opinion piece, the president of the American Medical Association, Jack Resneck, M.D. asserts that 2 recent shootings support an urgent need to end “firearm violence”. Dr. Resneck seems little aware of doctors’ falling into the  trap of being unduly influenced by their most recent patient. He goes on to state that “gun […]

“Assault Weapon” Bans, Mendacious Statistics, And Obscenities When All Else Fails

[Ed: This was first published on GOPUSA July 21. Slightly edited for DRGO.] . A concerned citizen in South Carolina brought to my attention that Lee Turner, a former Democrat congressional candidate for South Carolina District 04, is claiming as truth the following statistics and justification for a renewed “Assault Weapons Ban.” “After Bill Clinton […]

Gun Facts 101: An Epidemic Of Murder?

[Ed: This was first published by James Fite on Liberty Nation News May 21. Used with permission. I’d probably have said “progressives” rather than “Democrats” because some Democrats still think rationally about guns. ] The political left loves to paint gun violence as a public health crisis – an epidemic, according to the Biden administration – […]

Review: ‘Gunfighters, Highwaymen and Vigilantes: Violence on the Frontier’ by Roger D. McGrath

[Ed: Dr. Faria’s review, first published February 28 on HaciendaPub.com, discloses the reality that was more the Mild West than the Wild West. Lightly edited for DRGO.] There is a serious misconception of the Old West that needs correcting. That is the notion of an uncivilized Wild West, where antisocial and violent behavior was the […]