The Blame Game

Let’s play a little game, just between us physicians, shall we? Are you offended by the implication that you, as a lawful prescriber, are to blame for the opioid epidemic? Are you tired of the government telling you how you should practice medicine–all because of the actions of the criminal and the irresponsible? Are you […]

The Healing Power of . . . Firearms?

[Ed: We are happy to post another insightful article by our pediatrician-in-residence, ‘Dr. Latebloomer’, which just appeared September 28 in GATDaily.]  We’ve all heard the adage “Physician Heal Thyself”. This ancient proverb was originally intended as an admonition to mind one’s own problems rather than advising others on theirs. Physicians (even ancient world ones) have […]

Gun-Friendly Health Care at

[Ed: Our own ‘Dr. LateBloomer’ also writes for GAT Daily, from which we are reposting yesterday’s article with permission. We are very appreciative about how widely is being publicized.] Have you ever been frustrated (or outraged) by your physician’s invasive questions about your firearms? Have you ever hemmed and hawed trying to explain to […]

A Pediatrician Explains the AR-15

[Ed: This was first published February 28 on] The Doctor will school you now. The “AR-15” is the common name for a style of semi-automatic rifle which is perhaps the most misunderstood firearm in modern history. To listen to gun controllers, one would think that this style of firearm had emerged from the depths […]

The AAP: Emotion Displaces Science

In keeping with the American Academy of Pediatrics’ apparent policy to “Never Let a Tragedy Go to Waste”, it only took 24 hours for their statement about the Florida high school shooting to hit my inbox. It only took until the second paragraph of this “statement” before the very president of the AAP used discredited […]

Untapped Resources: The Doc Squad

[Also, see ‘Dr. Latebloomer’s related piece at GATDaily.] Last summer I went to shoot at a local steel match. I know many of the guys at these club matches, and by pure serendipity, I ended up on what I called the Doc Squad. Five of us on that squad were medical. I found this amusing, […]

Gun Safety Books for Children

Being a pediatrician, I am always on the look-out for new products related to firearms and children. So, it was with great interest that I recently ordered three new books for children, which pertain to firearms and firearm safety.   The newest of the three is a just-released book by Julie Golob, entitled, Toys, Tools, Guns […]

Children and Safe Storage—Why Do Some Resist?

I personally am getting heartsick over reading stories like this. “Accidents” such as this one are not really accidents. They are more like negligence. Unintentional negligence to be sure, but negligence nonetheless. But what drives the negligence? Ignorance? Stubbornness? Denial? Surely no one gets out of bed in the morning announcing that they intend to […]