Fighting Anti-Gun Bias in the Medical Literature

“Miguel Faria, MD, a neurosurgeon and Emeritus Editor of The Journal of The American Physicians and Surgeons, formerly the Medical Sentinel, and Associate Editor in Chief of Surgical Neurology International and its World Affairs Section, has written a two-part editorial on “America, Guns, and Freedom.”  [this is the first of the two parts.] These essays address a very important topic to physicians everywhere, relate to the often distorted media reports advocating the disarming of citizens, and the costs of health care of guns in the hands of citizens.” (excerpt from this linked editorial).

Dr. Faria and Dr. Tim Wheeler were two of four witnesses who testified before the House Appropriations committee back in 1996 about misuses of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) grant money to advance gun control. Congress subsequently defunded the CDC’s biased gun research, and the prohibition continues to this day.