Universal Background Checks & Waiting Periods are Dangerous

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(from haciendapub.com) [Ed: This was first published November 4 on Dr. Faria's site Hacienda Publishing. Edited for DRGO.] A good approach to decrease gun violence and street crime should not involve penalizing law-abiding citizens and infringing on their Second Amendment rights while coddling criminals. And that is exactly what "Progressives" want to do. In fact, they have tried to exempt criminal gangs from the Red Flag laws they want to exact on the law-abiding citizen. It ...

The 2nd Amendment Rally

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(from dailytruthreport.com) This past weekend I celebrated my First Amendment right to free speech and peaceable assembly on the Capitol Lawn at the first 2nd Amendment Rally with perhaps two thousand of my fellow Second Amendment supporters from around the nation.  It was a particularly apropos moment. Elections are just days away here in Virginia that could dramatically alter the direction of the Commonwealth, and it is only a week before we celebrate the service of military veterans w...

Alcohol + Guns: BAD, but . . . ?

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(from crimefictionbook.com) Bloomberg.com recently published a piece, "Drivers with DUIs Shouldn't be Armed" which read: "...gun owners with DUI convictions are a discrete and dangerous group. For lawmakers eager to make progress against gun violence, they're too good a target to ignore." This editorial implies that gun purchasers with a history of a DUI charge cause considerable gun violence.  This couldn't be further from the truth. (more…)

A Bite of the Big Apple: Psychiatry Grand Rounds at Queens Hospital Center

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(from wikipedia.org) I was very pleased to be asked to speak to the Department of Psychiatry last Friday at Queens Hospital Center. QHC is affiliated with Mt. Sinai's Icahn School of Medicine. It was a unique chance to give the DRGO view in the heart of anti-gun sentiment, New York City, and a welcome opportunity to preach data and reason to a roomful of progressives who had to sit and listen. The invitation came from Dr. Neil Mukerji, a dedicated DRGO member who decided to let his colle...

The REAL Reason for the 2nd Amendment

“Disband your army and return to Rome . . . immediately!” the letter read.  Julius Caesar looked at it, appalled. Rome wanted him to step down from his position of power and disband his standing army.  “Not going to happen,” Caesar thought to himself. “In fact, I’ve got a little surprise for you . . .” (more…)

Red Flag Fantasies

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(from anime.goodfon.com) The idea behind red flag laws—stopping violence with guns before it occurs—is a laudable one. It may even be the case that the pursuit of this goal will help transform the behavioral science of risk assessment for the good of all of society. An apropos analogy may well be anti-missile missile technology. At the time Ronald Reagan pushed for such weaponry, it was dismissed as something so beyond what technology was capable of at the time that it was dubbed the "Sta...

Review: ‘The Second Amendment Primer’ by Les Adams

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(from amazon.com) No matter what your politics are, you can only intelligently agree or disagree with something if you know what you’re talking about. Weighing in with an uneducated opinion helps no one. And, whether we like it or not, the Second Amendment is at the core of our gun rights. Understanding it is a requirement for developing a knowledgeable view of gun rights and how we may proceed with those rights. The Second Amendment Primer: A Citizen’s Guidebook to the History, Source...

What is an AR-15?

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(from thefirearmblog.com) In the debate over “assault weapons”, the model designation AR-15 holds a prominent place.  This model is nearly —but not quite—plug-in compatible with the US military’s M-16. (The AR-15 does not permit automatic fire whereas the M-16 can be selectively fired as an automatic.) (more…)