Rx for Firearms Freedom, GRPC 2020: Przebinda on Gun Control’s Assault on Public Health

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[Ed: Today we begin sharing the talks that members of the DRGO team gave September 20 online for the Second Amendment Foundation's 35th annual Gun Rights Policy Conference. Dr. Przebinda, our Project Director, kicks it off. See each of our talks on the DRGO YouTube channel or at 2:17:23 here. The entire schedule of talks is here, divided into 4 parts on the SAF channel.] . My name is Arthur Przebinda and I’m the Project Director for Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership. I’m please...

What the Sanctuary Movement Means for the 2nd Amendment

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(from tenthamendmentcenter.com) Stafford County, Virginia has added itself to the long list of counties in Virginia that identify themselves as “Second Amendment sanctuaries”. This comes after a series of laws were proposed by the state government that limit the rights of gun owners. Their is strong support on both sides and the battle lines are drawn. What does this all mean? What Started This? In November of 2019 Democrats gained control of the state house and senate during biannual ...

WSJ Dismantles Anti-Gun Lies About NRA

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[Ed: I found this Wall Street Journal article by William McGurn very telling, but didn't post it due to the pay wall. Fortunately, DRGO has Bearing Arms' permission to repost some of their articles, and this is the first, by Tom Knighton September 16. Thank you to Cam Edwards and Tom Knighton!] . There are a lot of people who don’t like the National Rifle Association. I’m not just talking about people on the anti-gun side, either. I know a lot of gun owners who have no use for the or...


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(from dailymail.co.uk) [Ed: This piece was forwarded by one of our DRGO correspondents on behalf of the writer, who didn't respond to our inquiries. But it is an excellent depiction of the crazy-making that "gaslighting" describes. We thought it was worth sharing further, edited for DRGO.] "Have you ever asked yourself, "Am I crazy?" If you ever have, then you’re not crazy. You’re most likely being "gaslighted". Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse aimed at controlling a person by...

The Virginian

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[Ed: DRGO's Virginia activist, Dennis Petrocelli, MD, just won't quit. As all of us must, he is keeping the pressure on Virginia governments that seek to restrict our individual liberties and 2A rights. These were his comments at Tuesday's public meeting about the Richmond, Virginia ordinance to prohibit firearms anywhere "used by, or . . . adjacent to" a public event (e.g., a demonstration) [my emphases -- how near is "adjacent" and who knows when an event "should be permitted" if it wasn'...

Alvin York & the U.S. Gun Culture that Saved Europe

[Ed: This excerpt from Dr. Faria's book America, Guns, and Freedom: A Journey Into Politics and the Public Health & Gun Control Movements was first published July 31 at GOPUSA.com. Minimally edited for DRGO.] Europeans like to decry violence in America, calling it “America’s gun culture” while forgetting their share of political mayhem in their own house, including violence perpetrated by Jihadists as well as their own left-wing terrorists. But I enjoy reminding them that it was Amer...

Review: ‘Gun Control Myths’ by John R. Lott, Jr, PhD

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(from crimeresearch.org) Doctor of Economics John Lott, Jr. is the expert on gun research because he’s done most of it. His Crime Prevention Research Center is the central repository of answers to all questions about the wrongness of gun control and how in truth guns save lives.  More Guns, Less Crime (his classic introduction) and his previous book The War on Guns are the perfect foundations for Gun Control Myths—together these form a compendium that addresses most of the fraudulent cl...

Rising Gun Sales During COVID-19 & Social Unrest

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(from app.com) Gun owners and dealers alike are well aware that firearm sales spike during times of national crisis. This usually occurs when people fear that new gun laws may be implemented in the near future. However, this year a different kind of scare has sparked a national run to the gun shops. While we are in an election season, the increase in purchasing firearms also correlates with the rise of COVID-19, and is greater than the typical surge. How Large Is the Increase? Before t...