Teaching Children Hunting, Shooting & Firearms Safety

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(from usacarry.com) Finally, a researcher whose work seems to support, rather the attack, Second Amendment rights. David Schwebel, a psychology professor, and his associates describe a training program to improve children’s ability to safely deal with guns. Perhaps surprising to those who read academic studies regarding firearms, they imply that children's exposure to firearms is not unusual and may have positive consequences, such as becoming integrated into family activities as well as spo...

Review: ‘Navy SEAL Shooting: Learn How to Shoot from Their Leading Instructor’ by Chris Sajnog

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(from gameandfishing.com) To be a great fighter, your mind must be sharp and your hands must be skilled. Retired Navy SEAL Master Instructor Chris Sajnog’s instructional book bridges the usual gap between intellect and physical prowess. Is Navy Seal Shooting worth your time or should it stay on the shelf? Read on. The Mental Game Sajnog makes it clear that being of sound mind is imperative when trying to be an effective shooter. There can’t be a disconnect between your brain and your t...

Three Roads to Perdition

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(from videogameschronicle.com) Although for some years the editors of the Journal of the American Medical Association have clearly taken an approach to the Second Amendment that is a threat to civil rights, this article, "Three Interventions to Address the Other Pandemic--Firearm Injury and Death", is more balanced than might be expected. That said, there is still the usual implication that somehow guns act on their own and if only they would change their behavior things would be better. And...

‘AR’ Stands for ‘Anyone’s Right’

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(from fool.com) On the same day that Nancy Pelosi requested crew-manned, belt-fed machine guns to "defend" the militarily-occupied Capitol leading up to the inauguration, President-Elect Joe Biden appeared with Brady gun-confiscationists holding "BAN ASSAULT WEAPONS NOW." banners. This should tell you all you need to know about their near future of gun control intentions. At the same time politicians insist you don't need an AR-15, a "weapon of war", an "assault weapon," ...

Have Gun, Will Travel

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(from handitv.com) Traveling? Moving? Passing through? If you are accustomed to carrying firearms, this can be scary. Every state has different laws, and you can’t stay current on all of them. I’ll discuss how to travel with your firearms safely and legally. Introduction Nothing here is meant as legal advice. This is simply a collection of information available at the time of this writing and is always subject to change. Interstate transport of firearms in the US is not heavi...

Gun Laws Don’t Stop the Killing

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(from floridadems.org) A recent report looks to see if laws restricting the right to keep and bear arms might have effects on homicides and suicides not caused by guns. They found no increase or decrease in non-gun homicides associated with changes in gun related homicides, and the data regarding suicides were too sparse to be useful. Their report was based on examining a series of earlier studies. To the authors’ credit, they noted that some experts describe a substitution effect, that i...

The New Zealand Royal Commission Undermines NZ’s New Gun Laws

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(from theepochtimes.com) [Ed: Our esteemed Northern colleague, distinguished researcher Gary Mauser, PhD, graciously offered for DRGO to publish his newest work. We believe the American government would also do well to learn from New Zealand’s experience.] In their December report about the 2019 terrorist attack in Christchurch, the findings of the New Zealand Royal Commission critically undermined the justifications for the new Draconian firearms laws. Following the attack, Prime Minist...

Why I Got the Vaccine

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(from antiguaobserver.com) [Ed: We at DRGO are physicians first and civil rights activists (a very close) second. Vaccination against disease is one of the great triumphs of public health. We are 100% behind the campaign to immunize against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). That, along with all those recovered from the illness, will lead to population immunity, ending this terrible pandemic and returning our world to us. Dr. Brodale's We Are at War! is a good companion piece.] . I received the M...