On Gun Control Studies

[Ed: This piece appeared June 19 as a SCOPE-NY ‘Briefing’.] On June 13th, Ammoland had an article entitled, “Is Gun Control Making Vermont less Safe.”  It answered its question by concluding, “Vermont’s gun control measures had no salutary impact whatsoever in the already peaceful jurisdiction.” But how it got to that conclusion was an interesting path […]

Gun Grabbing Season

[Ed: This article originally appeared in a mailing from SCOPE-NY. Grassroots opinion pieces and letters to the editor are powerful ammunition in promoting the importance of the Second Amendment and private gun ownership.] Based on the number of articles appearing everywhere, gun grabbing season must be open.  It only opens once a year but the […]

New York’s Autocratic Backlash to Bruen

[Ed: This was first published July 19 in SCOPE-NY’s ‘Briefings’ as “New York — New York Laws.” These provisions are surely unconstitutional but that’s beside the point to New York’s all Democrat government.] In three 2nd Amendment cases (D.C. v Heller, McDonald v Chicago, NYSRPA v Bruen) the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) has repeatedly stated that […]

HR 8: The Threats Within

[Ed: SCOPE-NY president Tom Reynolds just sent this plain language explanation of this RKBA-punitive bill via email to members. We felt it gives such a clear picture of the bill’s aims that it is important to share it widely. The bill likely will pass the House next week, and the Senate could be where it […]