Do (Hand)Guns Lead to Suicide?

Garen Wintemute, MD (of course) et al have come up with another study to publish, this one in their anti-gun co-conspirator, The New England Journal of Medicine, purporting to show that gun owners are more likely to suicide over time than those who do not own guns. Thanks to Carl Bussjaeger for alerting us to […]

Cuomo, Guns and the New York Virus

New York Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo is gaining a deserved reputation as a strong leader and effective communicator about the coronavirus crisis in New York state, which has been particularly bad in New York City. His daily live video updates are watched all over the country because of that, and the fact that the state […]

A Day to Remember

[Ed: First appearing on DRGO 2 years ago, we repost this piece yearly.] Memorial Day has now come for the 53rd time since it was officially proclaimed in 1967. It has been kept nationwide, though unofficially, since World War II, and as Decoration Day since 1868.  It was born in spontaneous memorials early during the Civil […]

“Large capacity” magazines: Diagnosis or symptom?

The January 14, 2020 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association included a Quick Uptake news article, “Large-Capacity Magaine Bans Linked With Fewer Mass Shootings, Deaths” (first online December 18). It references a study in the American Journal of Public Health by Louis Klarevas, Andrew Conner and, one of our frequent “guests” here, […]

Stand Your Ground Laws and Firearm Homicides

We haven’t reviewed much research lately, which is DRGO’s raison d’être. So let’s take a look at a study presented in October at the American College of Surgeons’ annual meeting’s Scientific Forum. “Stand Your Ground: Policy and Trends in Firearm-Related Justifiable Homicide and Homicide in the US” by Marc Levy et al tries to show […]

Take My Gun . . . Please!

With all due respect to Henny Youngman, King of the One-Liners, I mean exactly that in certain cases. We fight hard against any form of confiscation that denies us our natural right to keep and bear arms in self-defense. That includes opposing all the “red flag” laws so far enacted and proposed. None incorporate adequate […]