Active Meditation

If you’ve been on the internet lately, you’ve heard about meditation. It’s an ancient practice that’s gained popularity over the last few years, thanks to a number of successful and influential people who use meditation as a tool. Science seems to back up their claims that meditation can improve focus, creativity, and productivity (among other […]

Common Prejudices about Gun Owners

There was a time in the United States when owning a gun wasn’t considered an indicator of what sort of person you were. Owning a gun didn’t mean anything more than owning a wrench did. They’re both tools. And they were regarded as such. Unfortunately, legal gun ownership and use carries much more social and […]

Keeping Guns from Kids

When you live alone and own a gun, you don’t worry about where it is. You could hide it in the cereal box, for all it matters—and the only thing to be concerned with is to make sure it can’t be found by a home invader. Every place is safe, as you keep it easily […]

Playing Politics, Selling Guns

In the past, guns were seen as fairly ordinary implements for fighting and hunting, even though most aristocracies reserved them for themselves and their armies. Then English common law supported the ownership of firearms by the people, and the American constitution enshrined the natural right of defense by protecting the right to keep and bear […]

Firearm Safety for Real

Safe gun ownership is a critical subject that is particularly important in our nation. A 2017 survey made in 2017 states found that there is at least one firearm in 42% of American households, regardless of the size or caliber. In fact, the U.S. is number one worldwide regarding in the number of firearms per […]