The Virginiad . . . . .

[Ed: The fight for our rights is coming to a peak in Richmond. Monday January 20 is going to be the end of the beginning, and far from beginning of the end. To all who will be there—Thank you! Our man in Virginia, Dennis Petrocelli, has been a big part of the action and will […]

Virginia’s Fact-Free Gun Zone

If the Bloomberg-financed gun confiscation crowd gets anything right, it is its consistently beguiling messaging. In the same way that The Force in Star Wars bends the will of the weak-minded, confiscationists use language that requires us first to disabuse the public of their empty rhetoric before we can actually discuss the facts about firearms. In […]

DRGO Letter to Virginia Physicians

Ed: This letter is going out from DRGO to physicians all across Virginia.Many of us are fed up and angry with the way our profession has lined up behind the irrational, unconstitutional bleating of hoplophobic authoritarians. Virginia is now the flash point. We, like pro-2A organizations across the country, are working closely with the Virginia […]

No, Virginia, There is No Santa Claus

Those who seek to disarm us have an uncanny ability to ignore reality.  The Richmond Times Dispatch piece by Josh Horowitz, the executive director of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, plumbs new depths of distortion on the road to the opening of the 2020 Virginia General Assembly, accusing law-abiding gun owners of all manner […]

The Bloomberg Manifesto

On December 1, former NYC mayor, now private sector Democrat Presidential candidate, Michael Bloomberg wrote an accusatory Chicago Tribune Commentary, “NRA appeal to the Supreme Court puts gun laws at risk”. We certainly hope so! This polemic should actually be read by gun owners as a clarion call to get busy supporting our rights. This […]

Virginia & Massachusetts Join the Mob

Confiscationists are finding creative ways to put pressure on law-abiding gun owners.  In addition to taking over the public health publication machine, which cranks out “authoritative” articles based upon gross distortions of reality and statistical sleights of hand, they have now begun to weaponize front-line health care personnel.  I witnessed this first-hand earlier this year.  […]

Virginia’s Second Amendment Sanctuaries

On November 5th, control of both the House and Senate of the Virginia General Assembly flipped to Democrat control. The Virginia Democrats owe a huge debt to Michael Bloomberg for the millions he poured into the state, and they are returning the favor by pushing extreme, unconstitutional infringements on gun owners. They should have done […]

Virginia Misses the Mark

Two long-awaited reports were released to the public this week that could have helped further the dialog regarding guns in the Commonwealth of Virginia:  The Virginia State Crime Commission report regarding Mass Killings and Gun Violence, and the Hillard Heintze Independent Review of the May 2019 Virginia Beach killings. For those who haven’t been following […]