Carrying Guns is Preventive Medicine

It appears that the coronavirus has outpaced both Obama and Beto as gun salesman of the decade.  Reports abound of large numbers of first-time gun buyers depleting inventory in local gun stores across the country.  These purchases have elicited the expected pearl-grasping by the confiscationists, but these hoplophobes always miss the obvious:  gun are used […]

An Open Letter to the Republican Party of Virginia

[Ed: Dr. Petrocelli originally published at Ammoland on May 13. It is reposted by permission.] Dear Republican Party of Virginia, I replied to your emails, and I didn’t get a reply, so I thought I’d write to you publicly so that you understand where a portion of the electorate stands. It’s a larger portion than […]

Red Flag Laws versus Reality

As the 2020 Virginia Legislative session draws to a close this week, it appears that a version of a “Red Flag” law (House version; Senate version) will be sent to Governor “Blackface” Northam for his signature. I thought I had exhausted my complaints about these laws previously, but Virginia’s Bloomberg-purchased Democrats made changes that plumb […]

Virginia — The Fight Goes On

HB 916, the Virginia House of Delegates’ version of Governor Northam’s scary gun ban bill, was heard by the Public Safety Committee Friday February 7.  This bill would ban the sale of “assault weapons”, including AR-15 and AK-47 platform rifles, and makes the possession of suppressors and magazines greater than 12 rounds a felony.  (Why […]

Gun Control is Bad Medicine

[Ed: This was originally published at Bearing Arms January 27 & reposted by permission. Minimally edited for DRGO.] Dr. Patrick Neustatter recently penned an op-ed for the Fredricksburg Star supporting typical “common sense” gun control legislation.  I feel for my colleague because I too once believed the medical mythology that guns were bad and needed […]

Seeing Red in Virginia

[Ed: Dr. Petrocelli plans to write Virginia state legislators along these lines about the perversions inherent in Red Flag laws. This is a good example of necessary citizen involvement with otherwise clueless and self-absorbed government representatives.] I am writing to you to ask that you consider the following information before taking action on any so-called […]

The Virginiad . . . . .

[Ed: The fight for our rights is coming to a peak in Richmond. Monday January 20 is going to be the end of the beginning, and far from beginning of the end. To all who will be there—Thank you! Our man in Virginia, Dennis Petrocelli, has been a big part of the action and will […]

Virginia’s Fact-Free Gun Zone

If the Bloomberg-financed gun confiscation crowd gets anything right, it is its consistently beguiling messaging. In the same way that The Force in Star Wars bends the will of the weak-minded, confiscationists use language that requires us first to disabuse the public of their empty rhetoric before we can actually discuss the facts about firearms. In […]