Red Herring in Virginia

[Ed: The Massas one “labor[s] so hard for” in Old Virginny: formerly blackfaced Herring is the anti-freedom politico on the left, similarly scandalized Governor Ralph Northam at center, and accused sexual assaulter Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax on the right.] Last week, Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring caught wind of law-abiding citizens planning to gather to […]

Rx for Firearms Freedom, GRPC 2020: Red Flag Laws

[Ed: Dr. Petrocelli’s is the fourth of the talks that the DRGO leadership team gave September 20 online for the Second Amendment Foundation’s 35th annual Gun Rights Policy Conference. See each of our talks on the DRGO YouTube channel or at 2:17:23 here. The entire schedule of talks is here, divided into 4 parts on the SAF channel]. . Greetings to […]

The Virginian

[Ed: DRGO’s Virginia activist, Dennis Petrocelli, MD, just won’t quit. As all of us must, he is keeping the pressure on Virginia governments that seek to restrict our individual liberties and 2A rights. These were his comments at Tuesday’s public meeting about the Richmond, Virginia ordinance to prohibit firearms anywhere “used by, or . . […]

“A Stone of Stumbling, and a Rock of Offense”

[Ed: Dr. Petrocelli sent this letter to the mayor of Richmond, Virginia earlier this week in response to the mayor’s attempt to ban firearm possession anywhere near all city-permitted events, demonstrations, parades, etc. As Dr. Petrocelli notes, no one likes it. Write and call your own elected leaders, regardless of their party or existing position. […]

Happy Friday, Senator Hashmi & Delegate Carr

[Ed: Dr. Petrocelli sent this letter, lightly edited for DRGO, to his Virginia state representatives last week. Keep visiting and writing to yours–personal contact is the most effective lobbying possible.] I am writing to you as your constituent this Friday to share two pieces of terrific news. Not only have your constituents bought guns in […]

Doctors’ prescription: Disarm

The latest Lancet Psychiatry editorial mixes several poorly articulated ideas in a swing-and-a-miss effort to impugn American gun owners by suggesting that current gun purchases are fueled by cowardice in the face of economic adversity.  Given The Lancet’s other-than-the-United States focus, it isn’t surprising that it woefully mischaracterizes us.  “Home of the brave?” links economic […]

Carrying Guns is Preventive Medicine

It appears that the coronavirus has outpaced both Obama and Beto as gun salesman of the decade.  Reports abound of large numbers of first-time gun buyers depleting inventory in local gun stores across the country.  These purchases have elicited the expected pearl-grasping by the confiscationists, but these hoplophobes always miss the obvious:  gun are used […]

An Open Letter to the Republican Party of Virginia

[Ed: Dr. Petrocelli originally published at Ammoland on May 13. It is reposted by permission.] Dear Republican Party of Virginia, I replied to your emails, and I didn’t get a reply, so I thought I’d write to you publicly so that you understand where a portion of the electorate stands. It’s a larger portion than […]