Virginia Lobby Day 2022

As the January 17, 2022 Lobby Day approaches in Richmond, Virginia, there is pro-gun infighting about the lack of a “rally,” and that the Assembly office building, where the lobbying will occur, is now part of a “gun free” zone.  The great angst about these details is understandable considering what motivates those of us that […]

One Man’s Fantasy

This message is directed to whoever is speaking into the earpieces of the 47th Vice President (hereinafter, “47th”), who earlier this week mumbled something about F-15s and nuclear weapons: We the People aren’t going to compromise on our rights, especially the right to keep and bear arms, because our rights were the basis of the […]

Genocide: Never Again, and Again

The 47th Vice President of the United States recently formally recognized the death of Armenians at the hands of the Ottoman Empire as genocide: “Each year on this day, we remember the lives of all those who died in the Ottoman-era Armenian genocide and recommit ourselves to preventing such an atrocity from ever again occurring […]

Did the Founders Blow It?

I write this on the occasion of the 47th Vice President’s1 Executive Order regarding “gun” “control”2.  I anticipate that my readers would expect me to excoriate him and his ilk and denounce them as tyrannical, ill-informed, and a threat to our nation’s foundational principles.  All of these points are true, but they aren’t going to […]

‘AR’ Stands for ‘Anyone’s Right’

On the same day that Nancy Pelosi requested crew-manned, belt-fed machine guns to “defend” the militarily-occupied Capitol leading up to the inauguration, President-Elect Joe Biden appeared with Brady gun-confiscationists holding “BAN ASSAULT WEAPONS NOW.” banners. This should tell you all you need to know about their near future of gun control intentions. At the same time politicians insist you […]

Red Herring in Virginia

[Ed: The Massas one “labor[s] so hard for” in Old Virginny: formerly blackfaced Herring is the anti-freedom politico on the left, similarly scandalized Governor Ralph Northam at center, and accused sexual assaulter Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax on the right.] Last week, Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring caught wind of law-abiding citizens planning to gather to […]

Rx for Firearms Freedom, GRPC 2020: Red Flag Laws

[Ed: Dr. Petrocelli’s is the fourth of the talks that the DRGO leadership team gave September 20 online for the Second Amendment Foundation’s 35th annual Gun Rights Policy Conference. See each of our talks on the DRGO YouTube channel or at 2:17:23 here. The entire schedule of talks is here, divided into 4 parts on the SAF channel]. . Greetings to […]

The Virginian

[Ed: DRGO’s Virginia activist, Dennis Petrocelli, MD, just won’t quit. As all of us must, he is keeping the pressure on Virginia governments that seek to restrict our individual liberties and 2A rights. These were his comments at Tuesday’s public meeting about the Richmond, Virginia ordinance to prohibit firearms anywhere “used by, or . . […]