Hillary’s Logic Liability

During the March 6, 2016 Democratic Party debate, Hillary Clinton stated unequivocally that she believes that manufacturers and sellers of legal goods should be held liable for the illegal misuse of their product. Saying “…giving immunity to gun makers and sellers was a terrible mistake…We should very seriously work to repeal that…”, she indicated a not-all-that-secret line of attack […]

Guns As Social Sanitizers

DRGO is your organization. Our leadership and regular blog contributors have no monopoly on saying smart things about important subjects. Our members, supporters and readers of this blog also have a great deal to bring to the idea table. In this case, a reader named Gary sent us the following email in which he likens […]

Is the tide turning?

Two years ago, guns and ammo of all kinds and flavors were scarce. Dealers were accused of price gouging and people who did not own guns up to that point were buying evil black rifles in fear that they might not be able to do so in a couple of months because of the looming specter of […]

Spuriouser and Spuriouser

Anyone interested in gun rights knows that both sides of the debate present statistics to support their claims. All too often, however it is the opponents of the natural and human right to self defense tend to stretch the premise. Cherry picking is an understatement at times. Spurious correlations abound in support of outlandish arguments […]