A Lesson from the Bronx Zoo

Many years ago, as a starving graduate student in New York City, I would regularly visit the Bronx Zoo. What a great Zoo it was! Back in Uni, we were regularly tasked by our professor to create video-graphic content and then, to share it online with our followers which allowed us to create comprehensive feedback. […]

Firearms: Good or Evil?

Of all the devices commonly used in modern society, firearms alone are subject to serious moral judgment.  It’s not unusual to hear the terms “Good” and “Evil” applied to owning guns. I confess to being uncomfortable with this terminology. For one thing, in today’s world pronouncing absolutes, like explaining The Meaning of Life, is received […]

Director of Homeland Security

Hello, Folks! This is Johnny Bullseye, your Second Amendment Reporter, bringing you another exciting interview from the annals of firearms history.  Today I have the honor of interviewing the great Apache warrior, Geronimo. “Greetings, Chief Geronimo.  Thanks for taking the time to speak with me.” “Greetings, Young John Who-Hits-Bull-in-the-Eye.  I am pleased to powwow with […]

Midnight Rider

Hello, folks!  This is Johnny Bullseye, your Second Amendment reporter, bringing you another exciting interview from the annals of firearm history.  Today we are privileged to interview that great American patriot, Paul Revere. “Paul, most Americans remember you for your famous midnight ride on April 18, 1775.  What was that all about?” “Well, Johnny, in […]

The Assault Mop

A lot of California politicians have declared open season on the 2nd Amendment. Whenever I listen to one of their logically limp lamentations, a persistent thought comes to mind. “What if . . . just what if they ever succeeded?” They would certainly ban the private ownership of all firearms. With this unsettling thought vexing […]

Guns, Grit and Good Health

Just what is “Good Health”? Does it consist of being free of disease? Is a person, having no diagnosable disease but too weak to walk, in good health? Or, how about a strong and robust man with no diagnosable disease, who is confined to a ten by ten foot prison cell? Is he in good […]

The Transformation

Marvin Winsome, the richest politician and premier anti-gun advocate in California, laughed as he added up the latest proceeds from Tinsel Town.  Yes, the future looked very bright indeed. After passing a series of bills that would effectively harass the gun owners of California, he was the darling of the Hollywood Snowflake set. Martin chuckled […]

Weena, Weenies, and Morlocks

Author’s note: In 1895, H.G. Wells wrote a short story called “The Time Machine”.   This story turned out to be eerily prophetic of events that have happened during our lifetimes.  In my opinion, it has special relevance to the question of gun control and gun ownership: The story begins in the home of a brilliant […]