On Ethics, Government and Firearm Suicide

One of the most contentious questions in the gun debate is whether gun control can affect suicide rates and, if so, should more restrictions be imposed? In the United States, gun suicides outnumber gun homicides by almost two to one.  This creates a problem for supporters of gun control.  They must frighten people to achieve […]

The Ethics of Armed Self Defense

Discussions about the role of guns in society often founder under the weight of dueling statistics thrown out by both sides. I’d like to avoid the statistical food fight and base this article solely on the ethics of armed self-defense. How much do you value your life? Modern America has a strong pacifist streak that […]

You Just Want Everyone to Have a Gun!

When a person who believes in strict gun control argues with a supporter of gun rights, you can tell when one of them realizes they can’t win the argument. The gun owner will usually fall back on the Second Amendment and the phrase “shall not be infringed” as being the final word on the subject.  […]

A Sudden Shift in The Gun Debate?

For over two decades, the anti-gun movement has both openly and tacitly acknowledged the fact that they don’t have enough support to ban guns in America.  They discovered that tough talk on their part stirred up more resistance among gun owners.  That understandably led to an almost complete avoidance of words like “confiscation” and “control” […]