Should Lead-Core Bullets Be Banned?

Ed: An earlier version of this article appeared in the September/October issue of the Canadian Firearms Journal. Also see Dr. Mauser’s August 2 DRGO article How Dangerous, Really, Is Lead Ammunition?] The campaign to ban lead ammunition for hunting is based on the far-reaching claim that there are no known safe blood lead levels (BLLs) […]

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— Dr. Sean Brodale is a family practitioner & emergency physician in Iowa. He is pursuing the right to carry in hospitals for eligible medical personnel. At DRGO he is involved in membership and public engagement projects. All DRGO articles by Sean Brodale, DO —Dr. Michael S. Brown is a pragmatic Libertarian environmentalist who has […]

How Dangerous, Really, Is Lead Ammunition?

A variety of authorities such as the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), the World Health Organization (WHO), the UK Food Standards Agency, as well as the Centers for Disease Control warn that there is no known level of lead exposure that is considered safe. If true, then literally any exposure to lead should be hazardous. […]

Dr. Mauser Gives Snopes a Chance

(from:[Editor: appears to be branching out from objective myth busting to politicized myth creation. We read Dr. Mauser’s explanation on Tuesday. This is the so far unanswered request for correction he sent two weeks ago.] Barbara & David Mikkelson                                                               Dear Mr. and Mrs. Mikkelson: I am writing to request that retract […]

Snopes Labels Mauser and Kates’ Classic Work “Urban Myth”

[Editor: Here is a real time example of the false criticism that quality pro-rights scholarship receives from anti-gun academia. It matters. Reviewer Kim LaCapria has a demonstrable history of strongly “progressive”, party-line bias. We’ll read Dr. Mauser’s request for correction on Thursday.] In the debate over gun control, it is often difficult to know which […]

Pseudoscience About Guns in the Canadian Medical Association Journal

[Editor’s Note: Dr. Gary Mauser is a preeminent authority on  firearms, firearm legislation and violence.  He offered DRGO his analysis of a “study” claiming that Australia’s 1996 gun confiscation law ended “fatal mass shootings” there.  But it didn’t.  This complements our April 14 article debunking a meta-analysis from another supposedly reputable source.] The recent article, Association […]