Red Flags for ERPOs & GVROs

[Ed: DRGO has returned from the 34th Annual Gun Rights Policy Conference, hosted in Phoenix by the Second Amendment Foundation. On Sunday, Dr. Edeen discussed the problems with firearm confiscation orders. Watch DRGO here at about 1:00, with Dr. Edeen at 1:18. He reminds us that he is NOT an attorney.] What are these laws and why are […]

GVROs, ERPOs and Red Flag Laws

Following the El Paso and Dayton shootings this weekend, we heard from President Trump that it’s time to establish “strong background checks” and support “red flag laws” such as Senator Lindsey Graham believes can be enacted by bipartisan majorities soon in Congress. DRGO has studied these topics for years, as have many other Second Amendment […]

ASLCVP & GVROs: Alphabet Soup that Could Put Gun Owners at Risk

Billed as “bipartisan” and even “bistate” (the history of competition, and even antagonism, between their states precedes the Civil War), two state legislators are seeking publicity for a proposal coming from the American State Legislators for Gun Violence Prevention (ASLGVP). Kansas state Representative Barbara Bollier and Missouri state Representative Stacey Newman presented their “common sense” […]

‘Red Flag’ Laws are False Flags

[Ed: We’ve reported on GVROs and Red Flag laws since 2015—how they put gun owners at risk and about California’s law in particular. With Senator Rubio promoting more ‘Red Flag’ laws, Dr. Vaughan’s warning is more timely than ever. You can download DRGO’s position paper on Firearm Confiscation due to Dangerousness here.] ‘Red Flag Gun […]

Protective Orders

Gun confiscation due to dangerousness must respect due process and principles of liberty. A 2004 study by the U.S. Secret Service and U.S. Department of Education about school shootings indicates that 81% of the killers studied gave indication of their intent to at least one person and 59% signaled their intent to more than one. It would […]

Gun Violence Restraining Orders, Unrestrained

California is awesome.  It is huge, and varied in people, environments, and cultures.  And it’s a seething cauldron of bizarre ‘progressive’ agendas. We’ve been following some of them through this year’s legislative session.  Two of DRGO’s chief activists, Drs. Timothy Wheeler and Arthur Przebinda, were in Sacramento recently to oppose spending taxpayer dollars to shore […]

Speaking Out for People with Mental Illness

[Editor’s Note: The following is a speech delivered by DRGO’s Dr. Robert Young to the 2015 Gun Rights Policy Conference in Phoenix, Arizona September 27.] It has appeared that almost all mass murderers have some kind of mental illness. Only about half of them are known to have had treatment. Mass murder victims are actually […]