A Lesson from the Bronx Zoo

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Many years ago, as a starving graduate student in New York City, I would regularly visit the Bronx Zoo. The zoo held many attractions for me. The biggest one was that admission was free. Yes, as fanciful as it sounds, in the distant past, there really were places in the Big Apple that charged nothing to get in. For this reason, on almost every Saturday, I took my young family out to see the animals. We bought a bag of peanuts for ten cents and split the contents with our primate cousins as ...

DRGO Releases Position Paper Supporting Access to Firearms Suppressors

Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership (DRGO) is releasing a white paper, prepared by highly credentialed subject matter medical experts, that provides supporting information for the proposed Hearing Protection Act of 2017 (H.R. 367 and its companion bill S.59), which are being considered to aid in protecting the hearing of hunters and recreational firearms users. (more…)

Happy Thanksgiving from DRGO

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DRGO extends to our members, friends, and supporters the warmest wishes of a Happy Thanksgiving. In light of this year's election, we remain hopeful that the President-elect will hold fast to the doctrine that the Second Amendment has nothing to do with an inalienable right to food procurement, but protects the human right of self-defense and stands as a bulwark against government tyranny. Love him or hate him, Donald Trump took strong constitutionalist positions on the Second Amendment. ...

Active Shooter Seminar: Jihad Comes to the Inland Empire

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Early this month I attended a day-long seminar given by the San Bernardino (California) County Sheriff’s Medical Reserve Corps.  It was a sit-down class on dealing with active shooter attacks, and especially on one such attack with great meaning to us who live in this county.  The speakers were intimately involved in the San Bernardino terrorist attack of December 2, 2015. About 200 invitees listened as San Bernardino Police chief Jarrod Burguan spoke for nearly an hour about how a county...

The Truth About Florida’s Firearm Owners’ Privacy Act

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[Editor’s note: The following letter by DRGO's Dr. Arthur Z Przebinda, MD is a response to comments to a post by The Truth About Guns quoting him about the principles underlying Florida's Firearms Protection Act (FOPA). The letter was originally published September 19, 2016 at The Truth About Guns. It is reproduced here by permission.]   Dear Dan and Robert. I’m concerned that you and your readership may be being misled and distracted by the recent publications about “studies” of the “...

Gun Ownership is a Civil Right

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The online physician magazine Medical Economics deals with practice management and technology subjects of concern to doctors.  Last week it provoked its readers with an emotional rant against the American civil right of gun ownership, written by Los Angeles doctor Monya De.  De demonstrates no qualifications on the subject other than ignorant contempt for gun owners and a gift for self-promotion.  She has a checkered past as an actual doctor, having failed to complete her residency training ...

A Sweep of Every House

On Independence Day weekend California Governor Jerry Brown, with the stroke of a pen, created several million brand new criminals in the once-Golden State.  Before jumping on a plane for a European vacation, he signed six of the eleven gun control bills sent to him by the one-party lynch mob that California’s legislature has become.  All six laws will go into effect next year. They create new crimes that will be committed simply because of Governor Brown’s signature, not by any actual misde...